Translation of flipper in Spanish:


aleta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈflɪpər//ˈflɪpə/


  • 1

    (of seal, penguin)
    aleta feminine
    • The limbs are modified into flippers for swimming and cannot support the weight of the turtle on land.
    • The flippers are broad and either rounded or sharply curved.
    • The recently captured dolphin developed an extra set of flippers from these limbs that are about the size of human hands.
    • Their forelimbs are modified to form flippers, their hindlimbs are reduced to nothing more than a vestigial pelvis, and their tail is enlarged and flattened horizontally to form a fluke or paddle.
    • We collected tissue samples from the hind flippers of unrestrained, resting seals, by using ear-notching pliers.
    • Modern sirenians (manatees and dugongs) are large, docile, aquatic herbivores that have flippers for forelimbs and no hind limbs.
    • In whales, seals, and manatees alike, their arms and hands became flippers - stubby, webbed, fin-like limbs.
    • The flippers are broad, and the tail has a folded ridge on its dorsal surface.
    • To our astonishment, not only did the seals' flippers glow, but so did the rest of their bodies.
    • Pinnipeds are aquatic mammals with all flour limbs modified into flippers.
    • Sea turtles have paddle-shaped flippers that help them move through the water, one pair of lungs and a body temperature that fluctuates with the environment.
    • Black market trade in adult turtles' meat, flippers, and shells also helps keep the animals in peril.
    • They are still quite adept at feeding, however; without feathers, their wings resemble penguin flippers.
    • The humpback has the longest flippers of any whale, and they lie substantially forward of the whale's center of mass, well placed to exert turning forces on the whale.
    • The short broad flippers have rounded tips and are about 1.5 m long.
    • The forelimbs are specialized to form flippers, and the hind limbs and pelvis are extremely small and do not normally extend out of the body wall of the animal.
    • This limitation can be reduced by propulsive movements of mobile flippers as the animal comes out of the turn.
    • With a few broad strokes of its flippers, the turtle I've nabbed tows me along under the shallow water until I find my feet, only to be pulled off them again as the powerful creature yanks me forward.
    • Protruding into the flow as they do, they would appear to increase the drag of the flipper as the whale swings into a turn.
    • Harbor seals have short front flippers with claws which are used to move on land.
  • 2

    (swimming aid)
    aleta feminine
    • A better analogy is to equate the new swimsuits with flippers and hand paddles, equipment devices that enhance performance.
    • Crunching awkwardly over the broken glass (her father's shoes were like flippers on her feet) she peered down at the brick and saw that there was a piece of paper wrapped around it.
    • I would bring lots of different clothes like jeans, trousers, shirts, T-shirts, swimming costumes, flippers and goggles, shorts if it is hot.
    • Drills with kickboards and flippers help to strengthen the kick.
    • Umberto removed the flippers from his feet and ambled about the end of the small island.
    • Sure, people noticed the flipper attached to the prosthesis on his left leg.
    • He couldn't have looked more out of his depth had he taken to the field in flippers and a wetsuit.
    • On their backs they had strapped on oxygen canisters, and they had flippers on their feet.
    • Then came the lead weights around our waists, the heavy oxygen cylinders, the masks, and the huge flippers for our feet.
    • Quickly, they put on the snorkel masks and Ko reluctantly strapped on the rubber flippers.
    • Customers can also win a pair of Turkey feet - like rubber flippers.
    • When Dara Torres hung it up, there was a horde of 14-17-year-olds eager to fill her flippers.
    • ‘I met a designer today who was actually talking about embedding rhinestones into swimwear flippers,’ says a senior brand manager.
    • Now swap all skates, helmets and padding for flippers, snorkels and swimsuits.
    • The leader, an Italian, was dressed in swimming trunks, a mask and snorkel and flippers and the children were exploding with giggles at the sight of this extraordinary man.
    • This is demonstrated by Thorpe and illustrated with the sensation a swimmer gets when swimming with flippers.
    • But then he appeared to be wearing swimming trunks and flippers!
    • We could loll in the sun in deck chairs, or grab snorkels and flippers for a swim, or board a semisubmersible ship for a tour of the reef in comfort.
    • Ads for its retirement plan show a pair of feet in diving flippers, stretched out on a tropical beach.
    • He swam through in a heavy swell, wearing a wetsuit and flippers, and watched by six fellow-students.
  • 3

    (in pinball machine)
    flipper masculine
    • Until then, however, the gameplay depends on twiddling two flippers and watching as your tiny silver ball swoops around the environments.
    • A smiling attendant directed participants towards one of four control stations, from which each directed one of the four giant flippers in the huge pinball machine.
    • The flipper action is fast and true and the ball physics are consistent, especially off the flippers and bumpers.
    • Gaspard's also boasts an original pre-impressionist juke box, complete with scratchy Sartrean torch songs by Greco and Piaf, and a pinball machine whose left flipper has been bust since Stevenson's day.
    • The machine resembles a vertical pinball box without the flippers to control the dropping of the ball from top to bottom - the only control is the powerflicker, with which you can propel the balls faster or slower into the box.
    • The in-game physics is good, and the ball responds well to a swift flick of the flipper, or you can trap it in the corner (a trick favoured by pinball wizards from Soho to Brighton).
    • Now there are volcanoes and floods and all manner of badness, and it's up to you as the player to set things right with flippers and ball.
    • At 21 Shane Warne thought a flipper was pinball jargon.
    • Hey, hitting the flippers and watching my giant iron ball crush hundreds of little troops was oddly gratifying, what can I say?
    • Bumper is a very playable pinball game where you control the flippers on a virtual pinball machine.