Translation of floating in Spanish:


flotante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfloʊdɪŋ//ˈfləʊtɪŋ/


  • 1

    (dock/restaurant/harbor) flotante
    • On either side of it, the city seemed to give way entirely for the airway; it hung, suspended, like a floating river cutting through a steep, shining landscape.
    • His favorite is a remote touch pad near the back of the boat that allows the Balls to control the stereo without having to leave the comfort of their floating water toys.
    • Low oxygen conditions develop beneath water hyacinth and the dense floating mats impede water flow and create good breeding conditions for mosquitoes.
    • Numbers hit by global warming and loss of nest sites; floating water plantain is increasingly under threat from the re-opening of canals to heavy traffic.
    • As I have said before rearing a family when you spend all your life on floating water weeds is a hazardous business.
    • Both parents help build the well-concealed nest, which is a floating platform of weeds anchored to emergent vegetation in shallow water.
    • One of its striking features will be the use of water to create a floating deck for relaxation.
    • It was mounted about three meters above the water on a crude and rickety floating platform.
    • A kookaburra flies between the clusters of trees with buoyant, floating wing beats.
    • At a glacial terminus in quiet water, floating ice melts slowly and often drops exotic rocks and sediment far out on a lake bottom.
    • They're well watered and under floating row covers with wire hoops, all securely fastened to take the wind we've been having.
    • She tossed a floating toy into the water for her dog to fetch over and over.
    • Until Katrina, Mississippi law required that casinos be located on water in floating barges.
    • In the murky water were hundreds of floating chests of tea.
    • As a safety precaution, you can add a floating cattle water trough heater, which has a built in thermostat, to keep at least a section of the pool from freezing solid.
    • Less obvious has been the relocation into deeper water of floating marinas and the extension of launch ramps.
    • He may favor a floating leaf of water plantain (which is plentiful in our creek).
    • At the moment there is deeper water and reasonable floating weed cover in one area, so the Jacanas have not left.
    • It consisted of quick images of rushing water and occasional floating message bottles with the overlaid pulse of surf breaking on shore.
    • Aquatics with floating leaves, water lilies included, also need yearly attention.
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    • 2.1Finance

      (currency/exchange rate) flotante
      • According to the fifth demographic census, there was a floating population of 120 million in China, mostly young people.
      • Further, with a chunk of the floating population in the city being rural people, it is just impossible to expect them to follow road rules strictly.
      • The school's foreman Xu Panzhong prefers to call it ‘school for children of the floating population.’
      • The Spring Festival is the biggest festival for family reunions, drawing many of the floating population and workers to their homes in other provinces.
      • The United States, Australia and China's Hong Kong have the world's largest floating populations.
      • The commercial complexes that will surely follow the residential buildings may have a floating population of about 5,000.
      • However, the education programme is a difficult task because of the large floating population and frequent international comings and goings.
      • Mr Leese said the area had a large floating population which had the potential of masking the activities of anyone who wanted to remain unnoticed.
      • The larvae spend several months as floating zooplankton before settling down onto the reef.
      • The mine ended as a failure, and to settle a floating indebtedness all movable equipment was sold in 1865.
      • Experts said that with social development, the floating population has increased, placing a lot of pressure on the social order.
      • An open-air debate with Solomon Pappiya as the moderator, near bus stands and public places in rural areas, is meant to target the floating population.
      • While surfing the Internet to check on the floating population, police found that Li was renting a house in the district.
      • He is now leading a Ford Foundation-sponsored project on education of the floating population which kicked off earlier this year.
      • Some analysts said the reason for the sharp rise in robberies was due to an increase in the floating populations of some large cities and more illegal drug use.
      • For, they are eager to see the floating population streaming in at the time of political meetings, since it leads to a surge in their business transactions.
      • There is already a floating population of 100 million or more migrants seeking work in cities.
      • To the floating population of Tibetans, this ‘Benson Town Auntie’ is any-time mom with plenty of tender care to dispense.
      • The Health Bureau also said it would provide free TB inoculation for some groups among the students, the elderly and the floating population.
      • Commercial complexes coming up in the area, specially on main roads, have brought with them a large floating population and also vehicles.

    • 2.2Finance

      (assets) circulante
      (debt) flotante
      (debt) a corto plazo
      floating capital activo circulante masculine

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    (population) flotante
    (vote/voter) indeciso British
    Medicine (rib/kidney) flotante
    floating (decimal) point punto flotante masculine