Translation of flood in Spanish:


inundación, n.

Pronunciation /flʌd//fləd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of water)

      inundación feminine
      (caused by river) inundación feminine
      (caused by river) riada feminine
      we had a flood in the bathroom se nos inundó el cuarto de baño
      • the Flood el Diluvio (Universal)
      • the river was in flood el río estaba crecido
      • to be in full flood estar desbordado
      • before noun the flood damage los daños causados por las inundaciones
      • the flood victims los damnificados por las inundaciones
      • Dissatisfied with these giants, Virococha caused a great flood, whose waters still remain in Titicaca.
      • Firefighters, police, council workers and Thames Water joined forces to fight back the flood and limit the damage.
      • We just couldn't see a thing and all the time there was water coming like a flood behind us, and smoke and fires.
      • When Cawood faced severe flooding in 2000, club members pumped away water seeping through the flood defences for three days.
      • Water logging and floods are invariably the fallout during rains.
      • You need to know how to cut off your water supply in a flood.
      • The receding of the water from the dry land after the flood sounds like the second and third days of Creation.
      • The bridge was destroyed by floods in 1723 and a new one built in 1775.
      • These include running off large volumes of silt-laden water during the flood season, from May to September.
      • Here droughts, floods and locusts destroy crops and rinderpest kills cattle.
      • They bear the cost of droughts, floods, and trade barriers into Europe.
      • With flood irrigation, the water table near the creek is raised, that is, the amount of water in the soil is increased.
      • He said people in the area were very hard working but they were being frustrated by natural calamities such as drought and floods which were destroying the crops before they matured.
      • These initial releases were not successful, because all the plots were destroyed by herbicides, floods, or droughts.
      • Residents in Chapel Street and The Sands were evacuated to the town's Public Hall as the water level rose to just two inches below the flood protection barriers.
      • Areas on the map are given low, moderate or significant risk ratings according to their location, the predicted water levels and the flood defences in place.
      • ‘We don't know whether the bridge can cope with that amount of water during a flood and it could eventually collapse,’ he said.
      • The agency has launched an online advice service for small to medium-sized businesses to limit the flood threat.
      • The main cause of flooding in the city centre is the use of flood barriers beyond the city centre.
      • Once you break the rim of the bowl and the water pours in, it's not like an ordinary flood, where the water comes and it goes.

    • 1.2

    • 1.3

      (of complaints, calls, letters) avalancha feminine
      (of complaints, calls, letters) diluvio masculine
      (of words, light, energy) torrente masculine
      (of people) avalancha feminine
      (of people) riada feminine
      she was in floods of tears estaba hecha un mar de lágrimas
      • He flushed with embarrassment at the flood of fragments of the memories of that time.
      • This stream became a flood in the mid 1800's when 17,000 people entered Canada through this port during a three year period.
      • They believe that this report will embarrass the powers-that-be into triggering a flood of funds to tackle the ravages of heroin.
      • She could see the majestic house appear over the horizon, and a flood of hope soaked her spirit.
      • This was a new and unfamiliar situation, leading me on to wonder whether I was entitled to a flood of credits from other artists for not appearing on their albums either.
      • Soon, the flood of refuges overwhelms the establishment, and all of the foreigners flee the war-torn nation.
      • The first thing that needs to happen to create a flood of referrals into your personal training department is that you need to earn them.
      • Jamie's concerned question caught her off-guard and unleashed a flood of emotions.
      • Spectators may be overwhelmed by the flood of words as well as the clash of absurdity and reality without having a chance to give it a moment's thought.
      • It's easy to get overwhelmed by the flood of problems you encounter when you first go into business.
      • Particularly from the 1960s a flood of studies of all kinds appeared.
      • Another overlooked source of capital outflow comes from the flood of tourists visiting Hong Kong and other favourite destinations such as Bangkok and Singapore.
      • A flood of books about the man and his battles has appeared and the nostalgia has even given rise to a range of jewellery inspired by the gifts that Hamilton and Nelson gave each other.
      • Fox has now released a DVD version as part of the flood of war-related films that are appearing this May and June.
      • There doesn't appear to be a major drop-off of talent despite the flood of newcomers.
      • In the village, as he meets his sisters and others among whom he grew up, a flood of memories overwhelms him, and he abruptly changes his mind about selling the property.
      • Accurate or not, the flood of bad news appears to be reaching some kind of crescendo.
      • In fact the BBC main news said next to nothing about such casualties until a flood of complaints from our readers appeared to contribute to a short-lived change in reporting.
      • A flood of sweetness overwhelmed her senses, making Shirley dizzy with pleasure.
      • Pretty soon the outflow of dollars became a river, then a flood.

  • 2

    reflector masculine
    foco masculine
    • His eyes adjusted to the lack of light automatically, and he was able to see details as if they were under the light of a flood lamp.
    • The whitewashed walls glowed eerily in the light refracted from the flood lamps through the rain.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (town/field) inundar
    (town/field) anegar
    the kitchen was flooded se inundó la cocina
  • 2

    Motor Vehicles
    (engine) ahogar
  • 3

    we've been flooded with applications nos han llovido las solicitudes informal
    • the stage was flooded with light el escenario estaba inundado de luz
    • to flood the market with imports inundar / saturar el mercado de productos importados

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (stream/river/sewers) desbordarse
    (basement/mine) inundarse
    the bathtub/washing machine is flooding el agua se está saliendo de la bañera/lavadora
  • 2

    Motor Vehicles
  • 3

    the crowd flooded out of/into the stadium la multitud salió en tropel del estadio/entró en tropel al estadio
    • the news brought people flooding into the streets la noticia hizo que la gente se echara / se lanzara a las calles
    • to flood in entrar a raudales
    • donations came flooding in llovieron los donativos
  • 4

    sadness flooded through him lo invadió / lo inundó la tristeza
    • relief flooded through her sintió un gran alivio
    • memories came flooding back los recuerdos se agolparon en su (/ mi etc. ) memoria