Translation of floor in Spanish:


suelo, n.

Pronunciation: /flɔː//flɔr/


  • 1

    • Hoardings in upmarket areas are put up on the fifth floor of buildings that are above 80 feet from ground.
    • It was only a single floor building, so we had a little bit of a drop, but it was nothing we couldn't handle.
    • Imagine a room ten feet by twelve feet on the top floor of a crumbling building where not even the banisters are stable enough for you to put any weight on.
    • The suite is located on the third floor of the main building in an area known as the tower.
    • Situated on the corner of Charlemont Street and Grand Parade, the office block is entered via a reception area where two lifts serve the building's five floors.
    • Three or four bricks were removed from the façade at all sides of the building and at all floor levels.
    • The remaining section of the patio was raised to the level of the interior floors and paved with stone, giving it the look of a true outdoor room.
    • The flats tower above you - there are perhaps twenty five floors in the building, which looks grimy and worn.
    • The Guvernment is a large building with two floors and three dance rooms.
    • The upper floors of the seven-storey building, including the split level penthouses, will go on sale later in the year for unspecified prices.
    • At approximately 45 ft, the tail height was nearly as tall as the first four floors of the building.
    • The 889 square metre listed brick building has three floors over basement.
    • The main floor of the new building will be level with the main floor of the old hospital, with a crawl space beneath.
    • Eventually, they came upon an apartment building with only two floors and three rooms on each floor.
    • It also rents several floors in a building in the city's prime business area, away from the public university campuses.
    • The original building was two storeys with the upper floor being removed in 1866.
    • The skywalks will consist of three floors, three storeys above the street level.
    • The cubic knuckle of the fermentation building, with three floors of temperature controlled rooms, acts as a hinge point between them.
    • She said work on the top floor of the three storey building began in January and is expected to be finished by the end of this month.
    • It looked like it went up to the floor above as well as down to the lower floors.
    • It significantly lowered internal price floors towards world market levels, opened its market to imports, and agreed to subsidize fewer export goods.
    • Wage floors are an arbitrary act, set without regard to productivity.
    • It's time to raise the wage floor in America so people who go to work every day can make a decent living.
    • This market remains buoyant and will keep a strong floor under lamb prices.
    • As with other protectionist schemes, it is really about taxing Americans and imposing price floors to benefit a politically influential industry.
    • It's an economic certainty: price floors cause a shortage of buyers.
    • But beyond a minimum floor, a modern social Europe can make more progress.
    • We know what rules make a difference: the most important are strong wage floors and collective bargaining protections.
    • Price floors or ceilings can be used to demonstrate how changes in the institutional structure lead to changes in behavior and market performance.
    • At the time, the primary form of farm subsidy was price supports - price floors that are legally imposed above free-market prices.
    • This will continue to help to clear the backlog of cow beef and will also help to keep a floor under the price of poorer quality cattle.
    • Government sets price ceilings and floors, dictates wages through laws and labor courts, and confiscates profits.
    • When the share price of nearly every other airline has gone through the floor, Ryanair's has held up.
    • Monopolies, however, are formed when an industry uses government power to enforce a price floor.
    • Like the minimum wage, the national agreement may put a floor under wage increases, but nothing more.
    • Instead of a single lock-in price, the lender sets a price range with a floor and ceiling.
    • 1.1(of room, vehicle)

      suelo masculine
      piso masculine Latin America
      from floor to ceiling desde el suelo hasta el techo
      • to wipe up / wipe the floor with sb hacer trizas a algn
      • Her knee high boots clicked on the floor as she walked to the kitchen to snatch her lipstick.
      • Sighing heavily I picked myself up off the floor and walked back out into the hallways.
      • She put the box on the floor and walked over to the photograph on the window sill.
      • Her steps sounded loud in the silence of the room as she walked across the floor to the black curtained bed.
      • The floor was the wooden planks and the walls and domed ceiling were of woven branches.
      • She pushed open the door and threw her bag on the floor and walked over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck.
      • Do not let anyone walk on the floor before the finish is applied, or dirt might be tracked on the wood.
      • She picked Juliet's bathrobe up off the floor and walked into the bathroom.
      • Also, you may want to test a small area of your floor before applying it everywhere.
      • It touched down on the smooth metal floor, and a ramp lowered down to the floor.
      • Perhaps the most convenient vacuums to store, these are good for bare floors or area rugs.
      • Then she pulled the long dress over her knees down to the floor and walked back into the bathroom.
      • Unable to relax, Ben walked silently across the floor to the window and peered outside.
      • Near the spare bedroom, he pulled a cord hanging from the ceiling and a staircase lowered to the floor.
      • They walked a bit further until they reached a small wooden hatch in the floor.
      • I had to be careful to avoid the pieces of glass on the floor as I walked into the kitchen.
      • A bare foot gives an immediate indication as to the comfort level of a given floor.
      • Phil tossed his stuff onto the floor and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.
      • Trent helped me off the floor and walked me to the kitchen, where he sat me down in a chair.
      • I practically throw my stuff on the floor and walk to the kitchen feeling his eyes watch me.

    • 1.2(for dancing)

      pista (de baile) feminine
      to take the floor salir a bailar / a la pista

    • 1.3(of ocean, valley, forest)

      fondo masculine
      • Then the second reason, it is now known that all the continents, every continent, even ocean floors have moved towards the north pole, towards the Arctic.
      • To avoid unnecessary disturbance to the reef the water pipes would be sunk through the lagoon floor and out to sea, bringing up cold water from a depth of 600 to 1000 metres.
      • Life is going to be deep underground, in the valley floors and deep caves, far from the surface.
      • Back on the boat, Craig told me a little more about his forays to collect thermophiles on the ocean floor.
      • Sea cucumbers are common in shallow water areas to deep ocean floors.
      • In the columns of rock and on the floors of the caves lie fossil sponges, the stromatoporoids, and the curled-up shells of ammonites.
      • I manage the orchard floor like I would the pasture because I consider it a benefit to have that long tall grass in there that offers a sanctuary for the beneficial insects.
      • Beloussov refused to believe in the regular magnetic striping of the ocean floor about the oceanic ridges.
      • They pop open the cartridges and begin to paint with brushes, tossing spent containers to drift and litter the sea floor.
      • Of course we shouldn't cover the ocean with plastic or dredge the sea floor or cut down forests.
      • The water rooms look much like this one, only rounded and the pool's bottom is the ocean floor.
      • When an earthquake lifts the ocean floor, it heaves up a mass of water thousands of feet deep which then falls back.
      • Jagged stalagmites pointed upward from the cave floor, encased in a crystal coat of ice.
      • Plastic bags that sink to the sea floor can also suffocate and kill sea grasses.
      • She was a little unsure of her footing as she stepped off the bottom rung onto the cave floor.
      • Rising up from the canyon floor are layers of specialty retail shops and entertainment and dining venues.
      • To the east, the Eden valley provides a fertile contrast, with abundant pasture land along the valley floor.
      • This permits the craft to explore about 99 percent of sea floors in the oceans of the world.
      • This guy up here is a very close relative of the roly-poly, only it lives in the deep sea along the ocean floor.
      • Discarded nets drift through the sea and continue to kill fish on the ocean floor.
      • It is a sea mountain, blasted by volcanic forces more than a mile up from the ocean floor, and stretching underwater for nine miles.

  • 2

    piso masculine
    we live on the first/second floor vivimos en el primer/segundo piso
  • 3

    • 3.1(of debating chamber, parliament)

      el hemiciclo
      la sala
      to cross the floor cambiar de partido / bando
      • to gain/have the floor obtener/tener (el uso de) la palabra
      • It is not a point of order, but I will ask the member who has the floor to come back to the bill, please.
      • I will give one further warning about interrupting while a member has the floor correctly on points of order.

    • 3.2(audience at debate)

      la asamblea
      los asistentes
      a question from the floor una pregunta de la asamblea / de uno de los asistentes
      • to throw the meeting open to the floor dar la palabra a los asistentes

    • 3.3(of stock exchange)

      el parqué
      el parquet

  • 4

    (for wages, prices)
    mínimo masculine
    the price of coffee has fallen through the floor el precio del café ha caído en picada

transitive verb

  • 1

    the room is floored with parquet el suelo de la habitación es de / está recubierto de parquet
  • 2

    (knock down)
    tirar al suelo
  • 3informal

    dejar helado informal
    dejar de una pieza informal
    I was completely floored by their questions sus preguntas me dejaron sin saber qué decir
  • 4USinformal

    (push, force toward the floor)
    pisar a fondo
    apretar a fondo