Translation of flop in Spanish:


Pronunciation /flɑp//flɒp/

intransitive verbflopping, flopped

  • 1

    • 1.1(fall, move slackly)

      she flopped down into a chair se dejó caer en un sillón
      • he flopped down exhausted onto the bed se desplomó en la cama muerto de cansancio
      • her head flopped forward as she fell asleep dio una cabezada al quedarse dormida
      • the fish was flopping about el pez daba coletazos
      • Brellier's chin drops to his chest, his long hair flopping over his features, hiding an apparent embarrassment at the question.
      • Some of his dark hair flopped onto his forehead and I almost reached out to tuck it back into place.
      • His black hair is flopping into his eyes and I can see an earring in his ear.
      • She looked understandably anxious, her pale face whiter than her greying hair which flopped towards her eyes.
      • He looked good anyway, with his wet blond hair flopped in his face, just brushing the top of his eyes.
      • His hair flops into his eyes as he runs, muscle and skin moving effortlessly.
      • I looked up to see Brody onstage, his dishevelled dark brown hair flopping across his forehead and both hands hanging onto the microphone.
      • He was tall and had brown hair so dark it was almost black, which flopped over his green eyes.
      • Dark hair flopped messily over his forehead, and he had to keep pushing it out of his light brown eyes.
      • To my surprise it's a young boy with a freckled, eager face and brown hair styled to flop over one eye, wearing black, carrying a rucksack and a bag.
      • Viv tied it around her wrist so that it flopped around whenever she moved her arm.
      • I walk in, socks sopping, hair flopping, dignity all over the place, and explain my dilemma.
      • His golden hair flopped onto his forehead and stuck to it, soaking wet.
      • He re-tied his dreads in a loose ponytail, which flopped over his left shoulder.
      • The bandage she had wrapped around her side had come loose and was now flopping wildly below her.
      • The arms of the octopuses were still squirming and moving and flopping in every direction.
      • He was wearing his usual black framed glasses, with his hair flopping down to his face.
      • He had beautiful wavy brown hair that flopped onto his forehead.
      • His dark brown, nearly black hair flopped over one eyebrow as he smiled crookedly, a smile girls back in Sanorn had once loved.
      • His hair flops, his suit sparkles, his shirt glitters.

    • 1.2US informal (sleep)

      apolillar River Plate informal
      • When we got home I found myself to be unaccountably tired, so I flopped for a while.
      • I think he knew Dunaway was going to get most of the attention - and, if the show flopped, most of the blame.
      • It is an idea that could flop, and simply move the drop-out bulge from freshman to junior year.
      • Last year he flopped in the first round and failed to get beyond the second round in 1999 and 1998.
      • On the pitch he had problems leaving Villa, at Manchester United he flopped with some poor performances.
      • However, Virgin's flotation flopped and Cruickshank moved into the public sector.
      • In the past, the show became known for clashes between the DJs and for the crowd bottling performers who flopped.
      • Their portfolios and performance will suffer mightily if this issue is allowed to flop.
      • The great crime-busting experiment did not merely fail, it flopped spectacularly.
      • He could flop, of course, or fail to deliver on his expansive ambitions.
      • They have flopped in the majors and their performance in Atlanta was particularly embarrassing.
      • He was sacked from his radio show and his concerts flopped.
      • Then it flopped, failing to capture that notorious off-screen chemistry, as did all her follow up films.
      • But a good many, if not most, of his shows flop, for reasons I can't comprehend, when I consider quality alone.
      • If the replacement shows flop, the advertiser needs to be made whole.
      • All investors should realise that the majority of shares sold at initial public offerings flop and fail to recover the price that they were sold at.
      • Renamed A Kingdom for a Cow, the show flopped and instantly disappeared.
      • The crowds failed to materialise and both show and print flopped.
      • The play flopped, but Peck's performance brought interest from Hollywood.
      • Too many brilliant stand up comics have flopped when they've gone big to the big screen.
      • Of course, we all had far too much to eat, and ended up flopped on the settee feeling full but satisfied for the rest of the night.
      • He flopped underneath a clump of trees and slept exhausted.
      • By the time we'd finished we pretty much all felt we'd had enough to last a month and ended up flopped in the lounge watching the Dating Channel on Sky.
      • It's far too hot - I'd rather be flopping in the park.
      • Her career suffered a decline in the 1990s as a number of collaborative projects failed to take off and several films flopped.

  • 2informal

    (show/film/play) fracasar estrepitosamente


  • 1

    (sound, movement)
    golpetazo masculine
    golpe seco masculine
    • Suddenly, with a sickening slush and smell, the contents came free, sliding to the ground with a dull flop.
    • If she kept him far enough away, she thought grimly, ignoring the flops of her stomach every time she heard a step, she had a slightly larger chance of surviving.
    • They dropped a rope ladder that fell with a flop all the way to the ground.
  • 2informal

    fracaso masculine
    • And to the chagrin of Danish film boosters and patriots, they all turned out to be relative flops.
    • As far as a show of bombastic masculine bravura was concerned, this was a total flop.
    • He, being weak, was a total flop at sports and athletics, so he was all the jocks' favorite victim.
    • You have some scenarios where it doesn't work out and then again, you have some players who stay in school for four years, come into the NBA and are a total flop.
    • Do you have a flop for the night?
    • A plan to import bicycles from Azerbaijan was a total flop.
    • They don't want to have their photos in the paper in case it turns out to be a controversial flop.
    • She had boyfriends and lovers, but later admitted: ‘I've been a total flop with men.’
    • This is not to say that he is a total flop.
    • However, it was a commercial flop - few people turned up because of poor publicity and freezing weather.
    • The meeting lasted for three weeks, almost bankrupted the French treasury and - guess what - was a total flop.
    • But this turned out to be a flop in Italy and has fared little better elsewhere.
    • Not surprisingly it was a total flop, proof that critics and audiences had finally called time on the Broadway musical.
    • It might be a total flop, or it would be more popular.
    • That's an oversimplification, to be sure, but Dobbs' failure to meet audience expectations certainly contributed to the flop.
    • I mean, what if we all pick one that is a total flop?
    • It pulls out all the stops to try to wipe her slate clean, to obliterate the flops and the failures of recent years.
    • It was fortunate for them that both shared a profound interest in Astronomy, or the project would have been a total flop.
    • What could be worse than to have your name automatically associated with an epic flop, even if you weren't responsible for its failure?
    • He hadn't been out of the flop in three weeks except to go to a corner store and buy food.
    • At the flops, the bums all eat the same thing.
    • This is a technically accurate film that had some really bad, wooden acting and it was a box office flop.
    • Sadly, the rest of this $115m flop is far less memorable.


  • 1

    the book fell flop on the floor el libro dio un golpetazo / golpe seco al caer al suelo
    • to go flop malograrse