Translation of florist in Spanish:


florista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈflɔrəst//ˈflɒrɪst/


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    florista feminine
    is there a florist's near here? ¿hay una floristería cerca de aquí?
    • The tie-up we have established with various florists across the country has helped us supply flowers even at Mumbai and Delhi.
    • They are indigenous evergreen shrubs with large showy flower heads prized by florists and plant collectors all over the world.
    • I dragged him to go shopping for lavender but none of the florists seem to sell quite the same.
    • The couple, who are retired florists and market gardeners, use the greenhouse to grow plants for an annual garden party to raise money for a donkey sanctuary in Devon.
    • Among the services offered was a lifetime contract for fresh flowers on the graves, which Parker promised to arrange with a local florists.
    • Gloriosa is very popular as a cut flower with florists.
    • Never eat flowers sold by nurseries or florists; they are not grown for consumption.
    • A couple of years ago I walked past a florist selling bunches of native bluebells.
    • If you don't have many flowers in your garden, use ones from a florist's shop or market.
    • Louisiana appears to be the only state in the nation that treats unlicensed florists making unauthorized arrangements as a public menace.
    • She had returned to live with her mother and had got a job as a florist in Leeds Market.
    • Note that in North America, it is normal practice for florists to deliver flowers in a container such as a vase or basket.
    • The area's obsession with flowers means local florists are burning the midnight oil just to keep up with demand.
    • I chose a cushion of yellow flowers from the florist's rather morbid catalogue, and wrote a card for it.
    • We enjoy selling to florists because florists love flowers as much as we do.
    • In the Cours Saleya markets, those florists who toil by night to create the float of the year spend their days vying for trade over the rest of their blooms.
    • Over the decades, when the Clifford Street florist provided flowers for a wedding, they asked for a photo of the big day to go on display in the shop.
    • He made a stop in Town at a florist and sent flowers and cards to Lady Benthorne, Lady Vannington, and Miss Howitt.
    • In the western world these plants are well known as a source of garden flowers and florists ' blooms.
    • When he got back into town he would stop at the first florist and pick up flowers.