Translation of flotation in Spanish:


salida a Bolsa, n.

Pronunciation /floʊˈteɪʃ(ə)n//fləʊˈteɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (of company) salida a Bolsa feminine
    (of company) admisión a cotización en Bolsa feminine
    (of shares) emisión feminine
    • Stockbroking firms have also been hard hit by the failure of two proposed stockmarket flotations which would have gone some way towards replacing the large hole left by companies exiting the stockmarket.
    • Acquiring sufficient scale to be a serious contender required capital, a realisation which led to flotation on the London Stock Exchange in October 2000.
    • They will see a management team looking for a possible future flotation as the way ahead.
    • By contrast with the most recent batch of stockmarket flotations during the dotcom boom, there are no wild valuations this time round.
    • But it's better to revalue through flotation since policymakers would find it difficult to set a perfect rate for adjustment, Eichengreen said.
    • First there's a downturn in the market which makes flotation a pipe dream, then there's overstuffed and time-consuming portfolios as well as the demands of growing businesses in turbulent times.
    • At flotation the company was valued at £20.3m and Lewin used the £3m raised from investors to expand the business by acquiring several rival card-shop chains.
    • It recently appointed advisers to oversee a £1bn flotation.
    • Although both he and Crombie opposed demutualisation when it last surfaced in 2000, the duo now support the estimated £6bn flotation.
    • His experience encompasses flotations, secondary offerings, private placements and mergers and acquisitions in Britain and Ireland.
    • Property companies have shied away from flotation as they generally trade at discounts of 30% to 40% to their net asset value.
    • At £7bn - the top end of expectations - it would still be half the value put on the business when it last contemplated flotation in 2000.
    • It came in a week when Scottish businessmen were making waves in a number of areas in which Scotland is supposed to be no good: entrepreneurialism, flotation and building global businesses overseas.
    • Two years after the board's famous U-turn on demutualisation, the policyholders had forgiven them the thousands of pounds that the earlier rejection of flotation had cost them.
    • Corporate financiers are looking at a dearth of stockmarket flotations this year and expect to rely on companies disposing of non-core businesses and management buyouts to earn a crust.
    • Of the 22,000-odd high-techs in China, only 60 have been approved for flotation on the GEM.
    • Shares hit 236.5p after the announcement on Wednesday - a three and a half year high - but have performed sluggishly since the company's flotation in 1996.
    • The board is determined to press ahead with the £213m flotation on Friday, despite the US legal wrangle, although there could be a slight delay.
    • Irish venture capitalists see a major upswing in the sell-off and flotation of start-up companies in which they have invested close to €1 billion.
    • Since flotation in 1998, the company has digested seven major acquisitions and now accounts for around 10% of the UK cake market.
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    flotación feminine
    before noun flotation bag/device flotador masculine
    • flotation collar flotador de la cápsula espacial
    • Swimming costumes could be made of fabrics that meet criteria for permeability and flotation and shapes that do not alter the natural function of the body.
    • Using inflatable toys and a PFD for flotation, participants swim down a stretch of the river.
    • If you do decide to go for the jacket and salopette option, ensure that the trousers are not buoyant and that all the floatation is in the jacket.
    • The locals in their primitive canoes cast nets into the depths, others set line-netting using empty plastic bottles for flotation.
    • Grivel worked some real magic to produce a snowshoe that expands to fit different foot sizes and adjusts for more or less floatation.
    • Because the decking is a solid sheet, providing substantially more flotation, shoes can be smaller and still ride atop the snow like larger wood and lacing snowshoes.