Translation of flotsam in Spanish:


restos flotantes, n.

Pronunciation /ˈflɒts(ə)m//ˈflɑtsəm/


  • 1

    (de un naufragio) restos flotantes masculine
    • Outside, a man is pushing a battered shopping cart filled with flotsam from the road: crumpled cans, a discarded flask, a pillow.
    • I'm back to work tomorrow, at my clinic dealing with whatever post-long-weekend flotsam washes up in my walk-in box.
    • The hideous roses were flotsam and she was cast away on a tide of detritus.
    • The federation is a worthless body of flotsam - we should invite the university to take over: it can't possibly do any worse.
    • What flotsam does this send floating through the mind, just below the surface?
    • According to these proposals, ‘genuine’ asylum seekers, it seems, are simply flotsam washed up by the tidal wave of persecution.
    • In fact, among all the detritus, flotsam, and muck, this movie could serve as a strategically tossed life preserver.
    • Yet even on the edge of the Atlantic, in a city long dominated by Irish and Italians, I feel like a civilised anachronism, a sophisticated piece of flotsam on the tide of history.
    • Obviously, with every man and his dog being able to update the pages of such a site, there was always a very real risk that idiots would try to fill it with disinformation, advertising and other worthless flotsam.