Translation of flowering in Spanish:


floración, n.

Pronunciation /ˈflaʊərɪŋ//ˈflaʊ(ə)rɪŋ/


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    (of plant)
    floración feminine
    • The results of analysis of variance in numbers of ovules and pollen grains with position along the flowering shoot are shown in Table 2.
    • Behind the house is a border like a theatre set, its foreground dashed with red, yellow and blue of flowering bushes against a backdrop of a hundred greens.
    • The dawn service was always an occasion of soft dignity, with prayers and singing beneath the flowering trees.
    • There are a great many flowering bushes such as the distinctively Australian banksias, and red-tailed skinks are often seen sunning themselves on the rocks.
    • Dozens of unkempt flowering bushes sprawled everywhere, unattended for as long as I could remember.
    • We're on a misty riverbank, with lush, flowering trees and towering storybook castles in the background.
    • Prune flowering trees in spring, after blooming, to correct unsightly problems.
    • If one gets away from the avenues and visits the largest city park called Leisure Valley, it has an Arcadian beauty of clusters of flowering trees.
    • Males will defend feeding areas around flowering trees.
    • There are many varieties of flowering shrubs and trees and walking paths around the lake.
    • Jim sat down under a flowering tree in a patch of tiny white blossoms and faced the shimmering waters of the river.
    • A new leaf forms on the adaxial side of a pre-existing leaf and also on the abaxial side of a leaf on flowering shoots.
    • Flower buds develop in leaf nodes in the upper part of the flowering shoot.
    • Finishing the last window, she peered through it to watch the red gleam of the sun glance over the flowering trees.
    • The lawned front garden has a cobblelock driveway and a multitude of flowering shrubs.
    • It was tracked down at last and turned out to be a female, who on the last morning paid a visit to the flowering bushes beneath the balcony.
    • Herbivorous reptiles the size of rhinos were hunted through forests of tree ferns and flowering trees by saber-toothed predators.
    • However, unprotected plants were smaller and had fewer flowering heads.
    • For each plant, we recorded the number of vegetative and flowering shoots.
    • The gardens are magnificent, overflowing with tropical blooms and huge flowering trees.
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    (of culture, art)
    florecimiento masculine