Translation of flu in Spanish:


gripe, n.

Pronunciation /flu//fluː/


  • 1

    gripe feminine
    gripa feminine Mexico Colombia
    (epidemic/symptoms) (before noun) de gripe
    de gripa Mexico Colombia
    he's got (the) flu tiene gripe
    • Treatment of colds, flu, sore throats, hay fever and other allergies may also help.
    • With avian flu, we are still debating what is the most humane manner to get rid of millions of chickens.
    • In the early stages symptoms can be similar to many other winter illnesses like flu.
    • A cold or flu may also spread to the lower respiratory tract to cause a cough.
    • By the time he had examined me, I was perfectly prepared to accept his diagnosis of flu.
    • Many forms of flu and common colds originate in Asia and, in particular, in China.
    • There is an increased risk of injury from falls and people are more prone to seasonal illnesses like flu.
    • The last flu pandemic in 1968 caused one million deaths and the next is long overdue.
    • Tyson pulled out of the contest on Monday saying he was suffering from flu and a stomach illness.
    • You may think that illness from colds or flu should only happen in colder countries but it is not so.
    • My body was telling me I needed a rest because I had flu after flu after flu through the summer.
    • The last major flu pandemic in 1918 killed tens of millions of people in Europe alone.
    • Bear in mind that the viruses causing flu change annually and no two flu epidemics are identical.
    • There is an increase in respiratory ailments, flu and accidents due to the bad weather.
    • He also has chronic flu most likely caused by a feline herpes infection when he was young.
    • It had found another boy whose meningitis had been misdiagnosed as flu and who was now brain damaged.
    • In the early stages, signs and symptoms can be similar to many other more common illnesses like flu.
    • The future of millions of people threatened by an outbreak of pandemic flu is in safe hands.
    • One cause for concern about Fujian flu is that this year's flu vaccine is based on a different strain.
    • Symptoms of bird flu are similar to human flu and it cannot be detected without lab tests.