Translation of fluent in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfluənt//ˈfluːənt/


  • 1

    (in languages)
    to be fluent in Italian hablar italiano con fluidez / soltura
    • fluent Cobol programmers required se necesitan programadores con dominio de Cobol
    • she spoke in fluent Urdu habló con fluidez en urdu
  • 2

    (delivery/style) fluido
    (speaker) desenvuelto
    • By that definition, only a handful of fluent speakers remains.
    • Sarandon is never so fluent or engaged as on the subject of the coming war.
    • They're so fluent and confident and comfortable with the language ", she continued.
    • Darnell talked for two minutes and said a lot less than a fluent speaker could have communicated in three sentences…
    • It points out that fluent speakers have fallen from 250,000 over 80 years ago to under 30,000 today.
    • A lot of the problem is that Henry is not a very fluent speaker.
    • I would say Wolff is more fluent and smoother, but that Kuchar, rawer and more intense, is in the end the better choice.
  • 3

    (movement/rhythm) fluido
    • It was a very natural, easy, fluent process, and we used a group of talented musicians from both Turkey and Montreal.
    • Roxana is harder to read, maybe because of the major themes, and probably because of the fact that the writing isn't as fluent and ‘easy going’ as in the previous novel.
    • Considering this, it's only logical that swimmers ought to make it a habit to practice movements that are smooth, unhurried and fluent.
    • His prose is, for the most part, graceful and fluent.
    • These were the things that he couldn't put into easy, fluent words.
    • The Pakistani has one of the most impressive run-ups - long, fluent and rhythmical - in world cricket.
    • With clean-cut designs and natural and fluent lines, the collection aims to present elegance while incorporating the most up-to-date fashion ideas.
    • Ramdin, however, scotched all such fears with a breezy and fluent effort.
    • The composer of some 70 operas, Adam is remembered as a pioneer and writer of graceful, fluent music in an Italianate idiom with dramatic power.
    • My agility was natural and fluent as liquid, while Jimmy's was practiced and not even nearly perfected.
    • It was hard to image how it might sound on a synthesizer, so fluent and natural was Meyers' adaptation.
    • These performances of the three late sonatas too have a fine, confident sweep and display Pizarro's easy, fluent virtuosity.
    • He left ECM in 1985, so this compilation covers the first decade of his career: the melodies are fresh; the solos are fluent and graceful.
    • Jordain and Linder looked very well matched and very fluent and easy through very complex moves.
    • The elf smiled, concentrating for a moment, then glanced up, tracing one hand across invisible arcane symbols in graceful, fluent motions.
    • In many ways, this being on the same wavelength makes for easy and fluent conversation.
    • Unlike Anni, though, her style appears effortless: Claudia glides around the oval in fluent, languid strides.
    • I'm no great artist, but I do have a good eye for faces and an easy, fluent line with the pencil.
    • His piano playing is smooth, fluent and inventive and the band, when given room to breathe, turn in some fine playing.
    • The first act is lively, fluent and essentially naturalistic.