Translation of fluid in Spanish:


fluido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfluɪd//ˈfluːɪd/


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    Physics Technology
    fluido masculine
    hydraulic/brake fluid líquido hidráulico/de frenos masculine
    • After condensation, the fluids are drawn back to the areas that are in need of cooling.
    • Aim to drink at least half of your daily fluids as water and other hydrating fluids.
    • Replacing these lost fluids is essential if the body is to be kept in balance and dehydration avoided.
    • Kochin's research was on meteorology, gas dynamics and shock waves in compressible fluids.
    • Intravenous fluids dramatically improved his condition and restored his body weight.
    • Detectives later confirmed that the stains had been caused by body fluids.
    • Large volumes of fluids may be infused, and these intravenous fluids should be warmed.
    • These faults are presumably acting as pathways for the fluids involved in the formation of gas hydrates.
    • I was on a drip because obviously I had no fluids in my body, the only liquid was alcohol.
    • The main aim of the treatment is to replace the lost fluids and electrolytes in the body.
    • The main benefit from drinking toast water would, however, be the replacement of body fluids.
    • What is known is that it secretes prostatic fluid, one of the five main fluids that make up semen.
    • Deep down within fluids or aquifers volatilization is not an important transport process.
    • He found that more ion-rich pore fluids caused an increase in angle of friction.
    • It can be used for febrile diseases where the heat is burning up the fluids of the body.
    • I believe that by doing this it helps to drive all the vital fluids around the body.
    • Gold can form soluble compounds with these substances and so the fluids will leach it out of rocks.
    • The bakery owners later gave up their lease after it emerged that the liquid had in fact been body fluids from the two men.
    • The fluids that precipitated the veins were a likely source for some of the iron that formed the hematite.
    • However, Hepatitis B is easily transmitted by contact with blood and other body fluids.
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    (in body)
    líquido masculine
    fluido masculine
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    (liquid nourishment)
    líquido masculine
    he's on fluids está tomando solo líquidos


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      (consistency/substance) fluido
      • Place bowl back over water and stir until chocolate is fluid again and thermometer reads approximately 100 degrees.
      • Consequently, there may be a layer of fluid water around the chromophore that rearranges upon excitation.
      • Adding additional calcium to dairy formulations is an option and one currently adopted by processors of all sorts from cheese to ice cream to fluid milk.
      • Melt real dark chocolate in a nonstick pan and beat in just enough full-fat milk for a gloopy, fluid drink.
      • ‘He has achieved this by using increasingly fluid paint, which can be floated over large areas or deployed in a much more linear way,’ says Terry.
      • Fill the space between tin can and saucepan with water and heat the whole contraption until the glue is fluid.
      • Material is pumped from the sea bed as a fluid mixture with water and is discharged into the dredger's hoppers where the heavy material rapidly sinks to the bottom.
      • Even though they are working in a fluid substance, they have several things in their favour in comparison to swimmers.
      • Although adults do not drink a lot of fluid milk in China, an emerging audience may lie in young consumers.
      • As if to pour salt into the wound that is the declining sale of fluid milk, sales of soy beverages are soaring.
      • Innovations are not limited to a specific category, with subtle or bold changes evident in products from cultured products to ice cream to fluid milk.
      • We are also putting a lot of emphasis on our merchandising programs - both for ice creams and fluid milk.
      • The addition of crop oil, surfactant, or fluid fertilizer may improve control of emerged weeds.
      • The late afternoon sun shimmers on the Hudson River, creating a blinding surface of fluid silver that coats the dull green.
      • Miro, Louis and Poons showed the strikingly different effects that could be obtained by pouring a fluid substance down a canvas.
      • Where was all this water coming from - as much ice as there was in the freezer it still couldn't have made this amount of fluid water surely.
      • The company pasteurized its first gallon of fluid milk in January 1946 and began ice cream production two years later.
      • In addition to fluid milk, it markets a wide range of organic dairy products including buttermilk, whipping cream and a dozen kinds of cheese.
      • It spilled out from her fingers in the form of a fluid silver substance and flooded the man's leg down to the marrow of his bone.
      • Children who are lactose intolerant can often consume fermented milk products like cheese and yogurt as well as lactose-free fluid milk.

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      (movement/style) fluido
      • While there are many transitions and sections in each song, this record is so fluid and slippery smooth it often recalls a state of lucid dreaming.
      • With its understated elegant designs and fluid lines, the collection should appeal to both traditional and contemporary tastes.
      • Every movement of the officer's hand was so fluid, so graceful.
      • Last but not the least is the ‘Bridal Wear’ collection with long, fine, fluid lines and graceful volumes in rich luxurious crepe and silks.
      • Pausing only to throw my BBC notepad and pen to one side, I storm over the human hurdles in what I imagine to be a graceful, fluid study in perfect technique.
      • But ever since women became interested in breakdancing, they've brought a new way of moving to it - more angular, graceful and fluid, and more feminine.
      • A more weighty tripod will feel more secure and give smoother, more fluid use.
      • With the fluid smoothness that comes only after thousands of repetitions, I mounted the gun when the flight was 40 yards out.
      • The colors are rich and saturated, and the signature camera moves are fluid and elegant as usual.
      • With quick acceleration and a smooth, fluid stride, Holt can run by most defenders.
      • The juggling and rope acts were hypnotic; the costume, staging and music are all original and often beautiful; the performances fluid and graceful.
      • The cinematography was wonderful and the direction was fluid and elegant, surprisingly so considering the subject.
      • Christopher fought with a fluid elegance, every move graceful and balanced.
      • The English is fairly fluid although not altogether smooth in places.
      • There is an easy elegance here, a fluid readability, and a lucid, completely unaffected, eloquence of one who is at ease with herself.
      • What was once erratic was now fluid and graceful.
      • Arlan did indeed remember that dance, of how fluid and graceful she'd felt in his arms.
      • Audrey tried her hardest to be fluid, to be graceful, but walking wasn't half so easy as dancing.
      • It still has an elegant and fluid design, understated rather than flash, but sadly it is missing the distinctive boomerang-shaped rear lights.
      • He was so fluid and so graceful and I couldn't tear my eyes away from him, I just couldn't!

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    (not stable or fixed)
    our plans are still very fluid aún no hemos concretado nuestros planes
    • the political situation is fluid la situación política es muy incierta
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    • But the situation was fluid, and individual commanders had a lot of leeway.
    • Now, you can still kill the enemy, and in fluid situations where someone may or may not be a prisoner, you can still act to defend yourself.
    • Military developments have overtaken political events, making the situation in Afghanistan dangerously fluid.
    • Clearly the political situation is very fluid and we can expect the contest for middle NZ to get even more competitive.
    • Balanced between neoclassicism and romanticism, the composition appears at once rigidly stable yet inherently fluid.
    • We now also have a much more fluid political situation.
    • The result is a fluid political situation complicated by international relationships, cultural values, and divergent goals.
    • But I want everyone to understand, this is a very fluid situation.
    • The situation is still very fluid, and it's hard to tell whether the U.S. concept of the operation will be successful.
    • I'm just reminded that political definitions are fluid, and shift with the times.
    • Of course, this is only one news report in a highly fluid situation, creating the risk that I may be forced to eat my words before Monday.
    • But I want to be careful and say that this is such a fluid situation, Larry.
    • In general one of the good effects (see, I do admit there are some) of the Euro will be to make prices in the Eurozone more fluid and hence to settle at a generally lower level in the long run.
    • The situation will be fluid for six months, or at least until Parliament resumes.
    • I believe in a more fluid kind of political change: you throw an idea out there and it travels, and it changes.
    • However, what is impossible within the fixed boundaries of political organisations may be more plausible in the far more fluid world of political ideas.
    • The devolution ‘settlement’ is becoming less settled and more fluid.
    • So yes, the political situation might be rather fluid, even on Olympus.
    • This is a very fluid political situation in a very unusual state.
    • But as I noted recently, the situation is now extremely fluid.