Translation of fluky in Spanish:


que acierta de chiripa, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfluːki//ˈfluki/

adjectiveflukier, flukiest


  • 1

    (hit/shot) que acierta de chiripa
    (hit/shot) que acierta por chiripa
    she had this totally fluky break tuvo una suerte loca informal
    • Early on in the game, you're more likely to get a fluky hit that won't hurt so much.
    • To lose to a flukey goal like that is disappointing but that's how it's going for us at present.
    • Generally speaking, the players gave it a good shot and it was a fluky second goal.
    • For the record, they won, with a spectacular, but flukey, 25 yard shot.
    • Two fluky goals is not enough to set this great team aside.
    • Those warriors deserve a better fate than being beaten by a fluky field goal.
    • Even so, it's the fluky, once-in-a-lifetime accidents that keep us up at night, and it's the survivors' ingenuity - not their errors - that leaves the most lasting impression.
    • Perfection made an encore appearance on the 16th at Augusta National three days later; not as a fluky hole-in-one, but in the form of a magnificent chipped-in birdie up the slope.
    • ‘It has happened too many times to be fluky,’ Burgess said.
    • Heart aside, this isn't some fluky run - okay, it was clearly a fluke that they beat the Canucks - but since then they've taken the toughest route to the Cup of any team in years.
    • Indeed, one of the home side's best chances was another one of those flukey affairs that on another day might have produced a bizarre goal.
    • It was kind of a fluky goal, and I never thought it would end up going to me.
    • It so happens that I am the kind of flukey swine that lucks into opportunities, so I've had the chance to recognize that potential in myself and at least start to work on it.
    • This is a flukey find: an obscure album I picked up in a student union market.
    • Erratic players are punished for their disasters in addition to being rewarded for their fluky strokes of fortune.
    • And there was nothing flukey about the results obtained.
    • Few things grate a Canadian hockey fan more than seeing one of our national teams lose to an American team, especially when the game was decided by a lousy, fluky goal.
    • It was as neat and as well-worked a Hibs' goal was flukey, and summed up the difference between the teams.
    • There are no flukey wins, no lucky 1-0 victories where an outclassed side gets a break and then spends the rest of the game defending it.
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    (situation/weather) variable