Translation of flummox in Spanish:


desconcertar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈflʌməks//ˈfləməks/

transitive verb


  • 1

    dejar cortado informal
    • After reading his post, I'm equally flummoxed - but I fear this will not be the last of blog regulation.
    • Civic officials are flummoxed as there is a ban on killing stray dogs.
    • When they weren't directing their energies against their seaside rivals, the Richmond students sometimes flummoxed their own teachers.
    • Still others see bureaucracies that flummox mere students.
    • Integral calculus, in the first term of 1987, flummoxed me and I squeaked by with 52%.
    • When he picked up his first job application, he was flummoxed.
    • The ultimate junk closet was flummoxing my Mother.
    • Mr Rawson said he was completely flummoxed by the decision taken by the bank.
    • But the latest poster campaign to hit the streets of Witham has flummoxed residents.
    • Venus Williams is becoming an old hand at press conferences, but even she was flummoxed by one question that came her way after losing out to sister Serena in the final.
    • But try to get this Glasgow lassie to explain her design philosophy and she's flummoxed.
    • Her friend was flummoxed so she included a question about men shaving in her next column.
    • But at the Jinnah in Micklegate this week I was flummoxed.
    • I was flummoxed by this quiz question recently: When was the England batting opened in a Test by a rugby and a soccer international?
    • When he arrived at the crash site, a mile away, he was flummoxed.
    • We had the usual conversation about life here, and he was just flummoxed by the place.
    • The response could have been a little quicker, but not even the oddest requests could flummox the staff.
    • He was flummoxed at such a response to the announcement of a quiz, so he repeated, ‘Today I am taking a quiz’.
    • ‘It would be too long if we included everything,’ he explained to his somewhat flummoxed customers.
    • Even the Ministry of Information official who accompanied me was flummoxed.