Translation of fluorescent in Spanish:


fluorescente, adj.

Pronunciation /flʊəˈrɛs(ə)nt//flɔːˈrɛs(ə)nt//flɔrˈɛsənt//ˌflʊ(ə)ˈrɛsənt/


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    (green/substance/glow) fluorescente
    • One primer of the pair was tagged with a fluorescent dye phosphoramidite.
    • Both fluorescent substances bound to the plaques.
    • The researchers chose the jellyfish gene for a green fluorescent protein that other researchers had used to create glowing green eyes in houseflies and some other insects.
    • There are eccentric people, who spend hours trying to capture the colors produced by fluorescent minerals under ultraviolet radiation.
    • We felt that we could couple this platform to fluorescent dyes and other optically active substances, making it feasible to analyze drug uptake and efficacy by optical techniques.
    • In scintillation counting, a fluorescent material absorbs the energy of the photon and emits a new photon as a flash of light (the scintillation) in response.
    • Under the black light, the fluorescent ink glows!
    • If you decide to ‘go fish,’ consider fluorescent paint and black lights, perhaps, or a collaboration with the science department.
    • Some fluorescent materials, under the appropriate conditions, will also phosphoresce.
    • Positioned next to it is another glass plate coated with a fluorescent substance.
    • Since they are induced by light, they occur during the transition of the fluorescent protein through the laser spot.
    • First, however, Pieribone and his colleagues are searching global coral reefs for new fluorescent proteins, ones that better shine through bones and muscle tissue.
    • Many diamonds are fluorescent and phosphorescent under ultraviolet radiation.
    • She said nothing for a moment, merely staring at the glowing fluorescent crystal on the ceiling.
    • The basins repeatedly filled with water, spiked with fluorescent pigment, which glowed a toxic green under the black Light, then emptied, in a slow, inexorable rhythm.
    • Becquerel in Paris wondered whether naturally fluorescent or phosphorescent substances might also emit X-rays.
    • This leads to an accumulation of fluorescent proteins absorbing blue light and thereby appearing yellow.
    • In nature, the gene cues a jellyfish to make a bright-green fluorescent protein.
    • After fascinating physicists for over a decade, fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals are finally fulfilling their promise in the biology lab.
    • They are made visible primarily by black light on fluorescent paint that is strategically applied to sets, props and various parts of bodies.