Translation of flurry in Spanish:


ráfaga, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfləri//ˈflʌri/

nounPlural flurries

  • 1

    (of snow, wind) ráfaga feminine
    (of rain) chaparrón masculine
    • By midnight there are only a few left and a sudden flurry of snow sends the rest scurrying for the warmer shelter of their houses.
    • He grimaced and shivered as a cold gust of wind blew a flurry of brown leaves across the porch and between his feet.
    • In a flurry of heart-shaped jade-green leaves her wings appeared.
    • Lomas was back in action yesterday, captaining a fairly young side after a raft of withdrawals through injury, and the flurries of snow that swirled through the stadium didn't make it any easier.
    • A flurry of white confetti snowed down from my locker.
    • In vindication, Gerald turned and walked away, leaving April to stand in the middle of the sidewalk with a flurry of golden leaves cascading around her.
    • The sudden flurry of snow immediately caught everyone's eyes.
    • A soft flurry of snow damped any lights in Mainport.
    • As hundreds of fans shook the sticks wildly, the shooter would see something that looked like a flurry of snow drifting in one direction.
    • The girls were running to the top of the slope, lying down and rolling to the bottom, coming to rest in a flurry of arms and leaves.
    • An icy wind whipped across the bridges and occasionally a flurry of snow harried you down the street, snapping at your heels.
    • The tram docks, and you fight your way out into what is often a maelstrom of strong winds and snow flurries.
    • Seconds later, with scant time to jump out of the way, in a flurry of sticks, leaves and flashing lights the boys in blue rush past at well over the speed limit.
    • As a fresh flurry of snow fell, the world fell silent in dread expectation.
    • A sharp gust of wind sent a flurry of powder everywhere, the cold causing her to snap back to reality and start walking.
    • Today the forecast was for a cold north-westerly wind with the odd flurry of snow.
    • The city is shivering under a rare flurry of snow.
    • It just happened that on the days I was able to take the TRR to the range, the weather was miserable - cold, with a strong, gusty wind and occasional snow flurries.
    • I approached it whistling, avoiding eye contact but the other trees warned it, rustling in the wind like a flurry of hands, waving and pointing.
    • Until that moment, Howard stood unmoving, seemingly impervious to the sub-freezing wind and occasional flurries of snow blown from nearby boughs, his eyes fixed upon unseen Taahas.
  • 2

    • 2.1(sudden burst)

      a flurry of excitement ran through the crowd una oleada de emoción recorrió a la multitud
      • a flurry of proposals/objections un aluvión de propuestas/objeciones
      • there was a flurry of trading at the close of business el parqué se animó al cierre
      • there was a flurry of activity when she arrived hubo mucho trajín cuando ella llegó

    • 2.2(agitated state)

      to be in a flurry ponerse nervioso