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Pronunciation /ˈflaɪər//ˈflʌɪə/


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    • And it indicates that the larger Hawaiian geese were poor fliers or flightless.
    • With the advent of frequent flyer programs the airlines began issuing free upgrade certificates to reward their best fliers.
    • One airline is offering one heck of a deal for frequent flyers.
    • The announcement flyer from that event is reprinted in this issue of CNN.
    • The cramped office was completely papered with posters and flyers announcing events and protests for everything conceivable.
    • Airlines should be using the valuable data from frequent flyers and other passengers to conduct medical research.
    • Marjorie is a frequent flyer; she works for the airlines, in management.
    • We are appealing for financial support to produce flyers, posters, election advertising and other materials and for donations towards our campaign fund of €10,000.
    • The Festival Committee has recently produced a flier detailing the main events of the Festival week.
    • An iris-recognition system is now being beta-tested at Heathrow by 2,000 frequent flyers from North America.
    • Jamie and a seventeen-year-old girl, Amber, were chosen to go around town and hang up flyers announcing the event.
    • An investigation revealed that the casual workers had been handing out fliers in Swansea advertising building work.
    • In my 31 years of frequent flying I've had to reassure many nervous, first time fliers that every noise and movement of the plane was normal.
    • The core of the course will be a publication project and will involve the production of flyers and leaflets for local charities.
    • Concentrate on one airline: Very frequent flyers get more free upgrades, often pay less to buy upgrades, and get preferred treatment on standby upgrade lists.
    • It's an interesting point, though I'm not sure frequent business fliers would necessarily agree.
    • Having had only about a month and a half to assemble or commission about a dozen works, the lineup is surprisingly diverse, featuring names that appear often on club and event flyers around town.
    • On a similar note, a frequent question fliers ask is whether airlines pad their schedules to ensure more on-time arrivals.
    • It was also stated that small posters are actually a more effective form of advertising than flyers.
    • Frequent fliers can earn a free ticket by collecting 16 credits within a 12-month period.
    • She apologised that on flyers advertising the big demo in London February is spelt Febraury and then sprinted out on to Oxford Road to dish them out so fast that the paper became a blur.
    • Frequent fliers update their own information, order award tickets, and receive special offers online at virtually no cost to the airlines.
    • There is the usual election paraphernalia around; dozens of billboard adverts and flyers posted on lamp-posts.
    • Airlines, too, record savings by getting their frequent flyers to handle queries over the web.
    • Try reassuring a nervous flier by reciting the tiny probability of an airplane crash.
    • People love the clip art and other materials for making posters and flyers to support a product or campaign.
    • Posters and flyers advertising the clinics and opening times are being put up in doctors' waiting rooms and GPs themselves are being reminded to give their female patients the choice of an alternative service.
    • They're offering supporters a really useful way of preventing their mailboxes from being stuffed with political flyers and party advertisements.
    • It is not always possible, however, which justifiably makes for some nervous fliers.
    • I think you described very accurately the process people have to go through to hand out flyers, to produce youth radio, to start writing, to become an editor.
    • We stuck up notes, handed out flyers and placed adverts in the newspapers in which we asked for help with our search.
    • At five U.S. airports, some frequent flyers bypass lines by becoming registered travelers.
    • The pad was full of celebrities who were starring in pantomimes and the glossy leaflets on his lap were flyers advertising the pantos.
    • Prior to the event, I had to personally replace the fliers around campus advertising the Ms. Coulter's talk every day because they were repeatedly torn down or defaced.
    • Advertise it, and have fliers with the event's schedule.
    • The airplanes are nearly identical and almost naive in their low-tech approach to flight, but are great fliers.
    • They took piles of flyers and posters to advertise the Brighton protest.
    • Today, in 2002, it is one of the airline's key instruments for rewarding frequent flyers ' loyalty.
    • Many of the travelers sitting up front are not millionaires but frequent travelers and savvy fliers.
    • Very handily for frequent flyers, it has an airplane mode, which safely turns off all radio frequency features on the phone, while allowing operation of other work or entertainment features.