Translation of flying in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈflʌɪɪŋ//ˈflaɪɪŋ/


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    a flying visit una visita relámpago
    • ‘It was the thing that made the movie,’ admits LaBute, on a flying visit to London from the Deauville Film Festival in France.
    • I shall never forget that first flying visit to Dresden.
    • A Bald Eagle called Alaska swooped in on a flying visit and certainly attracted plenty of attention among the surprised shoppers on O'Connell Street.
    • Earlier this month the Duke made a flying visit to the Far East in his role as special representative for international investment and trade and is believed to have met the woman again.
    • As the water levels subsided, the Duke of York made a flying visit to the flood zone, which extended to Stamford Bridge over the border in the East Riding and beyond to Elvington, near York.
    • Devonport Naval Base played host to Jimmy ‘the Whirlwind’ White when the snooker ace made a flying visit to Plymouth.
    • 11.20 am: The surgeon makes a flying visit to the Australian Orthopoedic Association conference.
    • Having put her portrait skills at the disposal of 70 tourists, Una, who studied at Limerick College of Art, paid a flying visit to Killarney.
    • My parents made a flying visit and I'm working lots.
    • Despite her setback, Eve still enjoyed her flying visit to New York.
    • This unexpected visitor began to arrive at Mary Forde's home last week and after a flying visit in and out has now decided to set up home permanently.
    • Admittedly Houllier made a flying visit to Liverpool's Melwood training ground last week to rally the troops before being sent packing for more rest by his doctors.
    • Mr Geoffrey John paid a flying visit to Orkney to find out more about the county's food and drink businesses and went away ‘tremendously impressed’ by what he saw.
    • Aughagower Community Centre will receive one of its most popular visitors on Tuesday, December 17th when Santa makes a flying visit to the area.
    • I'd been inside once before on a flying visit, and this was the first time I'd been in since when the weather was decent and the lighting made it worthwhile to take photos.
    • If you don't mind putting in the leg work and feeling you could dedicate your life to wandering around it, Rome rewards pilgrims and sightseers alike - even those on a flying visit.
    • Matt Williams is on a flying visit to Edinburgh to sort out fine details of his new posting: meeting with finance people, marketing staff and various administrators.
    • On Saturday, on his return from his brief and much publicised flying visit home to England, he repeated the message to a higher authority.
    • The Irish Lights vessel ‘Granuaile’ paid a flying visit to the bay earlier in the week to service the Blackrock Lighthouse.
    • A flying visit from Graham's parents didn't help.
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    (glass/debris) que vuela (por los aires)
    she took a flying leap and crossed it tomó impulso y lo cruzó de un salto
    • a flying tackle un placaje en el aire
    • However, the Evening Press understands that a bystander on the pavement suffered a cut to his face caused by flying glass.
    • One person has already been injured by flying glass and had to be treated for cuts.
    • A total of 31 soldiers were wounded, mostly by debris and flying glass.
    • They escaped with minor injuries, thought to have been caused by flying glass.
    • Already we have a report of one man suffering leg injuries as a result of the flying glass and other debris.
    • Up to 100 people are injured - mostly from flying glass.
    • When Carroll rejoined, the track had gone off and it took a couple of tours before the flying Irishman was able to put in another quick lap.
    • The close-quarter action photography with gristle and bone is spliced with dizzy shots of flying masonry launched by ginormous trebuchets.
    • The primary risks in these injuries are being caught in the machine or being struck by flying objects.
    • Manywere seen wearing bandages on their hands and faces after receiving cuts from the flying shards of glass.
    • Others dodge flying debris kicked up by fierce storm gusts.
    • Many had cuts to their face from flying glass, others with broken bones, many more were suffering from shock.
    • Several hostages were injured by flying glass.
    • Others, including women, were punched, kicked and hit by flying bottles during the incident at the park in July last year.
    • People can be badly hurt by flying glass, it can even be life-threatening.
    • A couple of people suffered minor cuts from flying glass, but it was at the end of the night so there were not many people there.
    • The other factor niggling away at me was the fact that a year before a tourist had been killed by a flying rock the size of a bus!
    • He suffered cuts from flying glass from the blast.
    • Residents said at least five civilians were also wounded by flying debris.
    • She dodged the flying body and kicked Lars hard enough to crush his skull.


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    (as pilot)
    pilotaje masculine
    (hours/time/lesson) (before noun) de vuelo
    (jacket/helmet) de piloto
    the history of flying la historia de la aviación
    • flying club club de vuelo
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    (as passenger)
    I like/hate flying me gusta/odio viajar en avión
    • fear of flying miedo a volar / a viajar en avión