Translation of flying officer in Spanish:

flying officer

oficial de vuelo, n.


  • 1

    (in UK)
    oficial de vuelo masculine
    • In WWII, Mr Bailey flew 75 operational missions with 75SQN in New Guinea, New Britain and Dutch New Guinea and discharged from the RAAF as a flying officer.
    • She follows in the footsteps of her sister flying officer Nosheen Chaudry who is now an engineering officer serving at the Royal Naval air station Yeovilton.
    • She began her career at the rank of flying officer and was posted to many bases.
    • The officer's mess with essentially the same dual schedule, but fewer men overall, served both ground and flying officers (perhaps at different tables, I don't know: I was never invited).
    • With the garrison squadron defined as only its complement of flying officers and essential technical and administrative support, the unit size is manageable for an Air Force major's career experience.
    • He was a flying officer before making the supreme sacrifice in June 1944.
    • With the war over, I was discharged with others as surplus flying officers.
    • The air corps is often the breeding ground for the future careers of successful flying officers and is open to young people between the ages of 13 and 21.
    • During the First World War, a Russian flying officer named Roskowitzki claimed to have seen the ‘wreckage of a fair sized ship’ on the south side of Mount Ararat.
    • Green, an electrician, was an experienced pilot, a member of the New Plymouth Aero Club and a flying officer in the No 2 Bombing Squadron of the Territorial Reserve for the RNZAF.