Translation of flywheel in Spanish:


volante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈflʌɪwiːl//ˈflaɪˌ(h)wil/


  • 1

    volante masculine
    • It chronicles which transmission plants use in-house pistons, oil pumps, and flywheels, as opposed to those purchased elsewhere.
    • Tiny cogs and flywheels rolled or flew into the corners of the room.
    • He said the 41 ft long steam engine, with a flywheel 14 ft in diameter, was in very good condition.
    • The system uses a 120-pound flywheel that is powered by electricity; once power is cut, the flywheel continues to spin using its own momentum.
    • Also, flywheels can increase vehicle efficiency in both battery powered and hybrid vehicles.
    • On one occasion the doctor was driving down St Aubyn Street when the flywheel came off, cartwheeled away and was lost.
    • Lie, cheat, fix the rules, buy influence and ensure, always ensure, that a government's political outlook fits like a flywheel to your corporate machine.
    • I'm not an advocate of external balancing, which puts a portion of the required counterweight on the flywheel and balancer.
    • These are the ones with a fixed wheel and a heavy flywheel with loads of centrifugal force.
    • Just as important as these fuels, however, are such innovative micropower technologies as fuel cells, turbines, and flywheels.
    • In a 1,000-horsepower engine, 150 horsepower never reaches the flywheel.
    • You aren't pushing any harder, but the flywheel is accelerating, its momentum building, its speed increasing.
    • They also make engine parts for automobiles; the broken part, such as a flywheel or cog, serves as the imprinted pattern for casting the solid core.
    • This one has a 14-foot moldboard and 243 horsepower at the flywheel.
    • These could be created on the surface of brake rotors or on flywheels.
    • Add to that the rotational inertia of the flywheel and driveshaft, and you're well over 2,500 foot-pounds.
    • A flywheel can supply power for only a short time, about one minute at most.
    • A lighter flywheel, electronic throttle and stiff driveshaft are designed to make response as quick as possible.
    • In a momentary outage, the flywheel may eliminate the need for the batteries to take on the load at all.
    • Here a flywheel is revolved by a motor until a preset speed is reached.