Translation of foal in Spanish:


potro, n.

Pronunciation /fəʊl//foʊl/


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    (male) potro masculine
    (male) potrillo masculine
    (female) potranca feminine
    (female) potra feminine
    • After a normal gestation period, the cloned foals are born.
    • Less than half of the foals born survive through the first year.
    • Then one day, he noticed that a mare, a stallion and a foal had crossed the fence into the park.
    • He brought the pure white horses and their golden foals.
    • The red brick school, the church wall, 21 Clydesdale horses and four foals watch impassively as progress rushes past.
    • Make sure that foals are handled often and that young horses get plenty of fresh air and time out to play.
    • She knew every one of them, from the youngest foal to Fenris' fearsome warhorse.
    • I really hate it when there are tourists and they go up and stroke the horses, particularly the foals.
    • Andrew has a dog called Chloe and two horses and a foal.
    • The mares (up to five or six) of the stallion's subsequent conquests and their foals will fall into line accordingly.
    • Whether you plan on keeping or selling the foal, breed for a horse with an agreeable character.
    • She raised this horse from a foal and she loved him to pieces.
    • She wheeled around quickly and saw a young boy, maybe 11, holding onto the reigns of a young foal.
    • In summary, it appears that stomach ulcers are a common finding in foals and working horses.
    • Most prepared diets for foals and young growing horses are extremely high in sugar.
    • The entire tribe, excepting young foals and their mothers, was out, fighting.
    • Similar to a paternity suit, the owners must prove they do not know which horse sired the foal.
    • I might have one of his foals for my own horse, but that was a ways away.
    • After producing a foal, her periods of estrus are more difficult to detect, and she remains with the father of her offspring.
    • Most predation probably occurs on foals and elderly animals.

intransitive verb

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