Translation of fob off in Spanish:

fob off

engatusar, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    to fob sb off (with sth) engatusar a algn (con algo)
    • After countless phone calls in which she said she was fobbed off with excuses, Mrs Carter was told it would be done by Friday.
    • She is anything but satisfied with the way she has been fobbed off by everyone, including APRA.
    • Mark made many attempts to get medical help but his GP fobbed him off by saying that he had a trapped nerve, wind or a back problem!
    • Social Services fobbed us off with excuses for eight months.
    • I spend the next four days trying to speak to Marcia but every time I phone - her Mother fobs me off with excuses.
    • I didn't want Sunday to have an early warning of my arrival so that she would be able to fob me off with pre-planned excuses.
    • Real ones aren't that hard to find, but beware unscrupulous merchandisers who attempt to fob you off with fakes.
    • Mrs McArthur said: ‘I feel as though we have been fobbed off.’
    • Every time I ring them up they try to fob me off with different excuses.
    • They took direction from Laois County Council but we were fobbed off.
  • 2

    (dispose of)
    to fob sth off onto sb enjaretarle algo a algn Latin America informal
    • he fobbed the job onto me me encajó el trabajo a mí
    • What makes me mad is that someone actually raises these critters and fobs them off on the unsuspecting public.
    • You could tell just by the way they acted; the kid had been fobbed off on them for a while.
    • Rather, it was deliberate policy to ignore those annoying Red Cross reports and fob them off on the legal staff for their amusement.
    • He could have fobbed it off on the next parliament as so many of his predecessors had done.
    • Someone would buy it, discover they'd been had, and fob it off on the next poor sap.
    • My love for her is as unilateral as my desire to punch that guy, and I can't fob it off on her.
    • But I suggested fobbing it off on my grandfather, who was old and wouldn't know the difference.
    • If the poem doesn't work for me then I can't in conscience try to fob it off on anyone else.
    • He refuses the offer of the job of Emperor, fobbing it off on the eldest son of the former ruler.
    • Detroit has long pumped out cars that no one wants, only to fob them off on rental fleets for next to nothing.