Translation of focus in Spanish:


centro, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈfoʊkəs//ˈfəʊsaɪ//ˈfəʊkəs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(central point)

      centro masculine
      to be the focus of attention ser el centro de atención
      • to become a focus for resentment convertirse en un foco de resentimiento
      • Yet, an authentic transgenerational focus radiating from a cultural lens has been lacking.
      • The use of collinear beam geometry facilitates the alignment of the overlap of the two foci and ensures high image quality.
      • They primarily felt that education is a necessary and central focus for building a strong nation.
      • Hence, the character of these variables is one central focus of our current research into OS projects.
      • Breman's central focus is on the working poor at the bottom of Gujarat's society.
      • The focus vanished and the blaster returned to room temperature.
      • While Zippy has the attention span of a goldfish, his wife has the focus of an electron microscope.
      • Their focus was always upon the general rather than the particular.
      • The case story is often the immediate or central focus of the consultation.
      • I don't value a more male focus above more female focus.
      • Her entire focus was concentrated on the small object which rested at the exact center of the room, her one and only focal point.
      • The central and overriding focus of this project is dealing with racism face-to-face.
      • The gentleman moved his focus to the intersection between the main and back halls that led to the gardens.
      • With respect to the definition of business purpose and business mission, there is only one such focus, one starting point.
      • As a result, the current focus for tunable lasers is on circuit-switched applications.
      • Why has religion been such a central preoccupation and focus of debate in political science over the last 20 years?
      • Angus has composed the motifs in defined coloured areas with no central focus.
      • Once you pinpoint your focus, it's time to do more homework about the industries and companies in which you want to find work.
      • The probability for such an event occurring is only significant at the plane of focus, where photon flux is the highest.
      • Underrepresented middle-school children are the focus of a new optics outreach program.

    • 1.2

      (of storm) centro masculine
      (of earthquake) epicentro masculine
      • The geographic point directly above the focus is called the earthquake epicenter.
      • Likewise, the securing of ownership of Hearts has been the focus of interest in the Edinburgh club.
      • Using the pain in both wrists as a focus, he concentrated his distaste directly on the man before him.
      • He concentrated on finding his focus and ignoring everything else as the voice bombarded him with words.
      • Focus on the other festivities and don't make food the focus of the evening.
      • Frequent shifts in the proposed focus of the fund suggest considerable contention behind the scenes.
      • But if it keeps a clear focus it might achieve a way forward for our embattled province.
      • We keep our focus by concentrating on efforts on the goods and services we are strongest in.
      • It's pretty hard to focus on issues beyond oneself, if the primary focus is the next notch on the bed frame.
      • It was disappointing to see that the focus of her letter concentrated on the negative aspects and did not paint the full picture.
      • Once you have a clear focus, gather the right team around you to get the job done.
      • Creating awareness of other cultures was an important focus of this project.
      • The RFU's ‘Impact’ strategy will be the focus of all activity to increase participation.
      • It's easiest to focus on hobbies and favorite interests, although food can also be the focus of the basket.
      • Another reason can be given for the differing focus of Jewish interest in biblical theology.
      • Let me focus on Islam in particular, since it is so much the focus of current events and thinking.
      • The relationship between spirituality and medicine has been the focus of considerable interest in recent years.
      • But combine it with a programme that lacks a clear focus and Cork's year in the cultural spotlight is already looking shaky.
      • We focus on parentage because it is the primary focus of published literature and it is the easiest level of ancestry to understand.
      • It is clear that New Zealand needs new leadership and a new focus.
      • We believe our evaluation to be rigorously designed, with a defined focus and clear objectives.
      • This result strongly agrees with the upward migration of seismic foci in the volcanic edifice, which has been found to precede recent flank eruptions.

    • 1.3(of disease)

      foco masculine
      • There was extensive embolization to the brain and multiple foci of Aspergillus infection in kidneys and adrenal glands.
      • In addition, a microscopic focus of transitional cell carcinoma was seen adjacent to the main tumor.
      • The macroscopically apparent thrombosed vessels in case 3 contained tumor emboli and multiple foci of infarction.
      • An identifiable focus of primary infection should also be addressed when possible.
      • Multiple foci of infection, several millimeters in diameter, were seen in many organs.

  • 2

    • 2.1(clear visual definition)

      foco masculine
      to be in focus estar enfocado
      • to be out of focus estar fuera de foco
      • to bring / get sth into focus enfocar algo
      • let's get our intentions into focus definamos / precisemos claramente nuestras intenciones
      • to come into focus entrar en foco
      • my true feelings are gradually coming into focus empiezo a ver con claridad lo que realmente siento
      • his life lacks focus no tiene un norte en su vida
      • These lenses adjust their focus with a patient's eye muscles to give them seamless near or distance vision.
      • The microscope has a motorized focus, allowing a minimum step resolution of 25 nm.
      • Focus on the subject and use the focus lock facility of your camera.
      • The focus can be adjusted slightly in order to sharpen up different parts of the image corresponding to objects at different depths in the scene.
      • He adjusts the focus of the Carl Zeiss 120 mm macro lens, which allows him to work very close up.
      • He adjusted the focus of the lamp and watched Clark's face contort.
      • Focusing is similar to a traditional roof prism binocular with the right ocular adjustable and a center focus knob.
      • Focus on the subject and keep your finger depressed on the focus lock.
      • Katsukoii slowly turned a knob, which indicated that she was adjusting the focus.

    • 2.2(attention)

      atención feminine
      media focus has been on ... la atención de la prensa se ha centrado en ...

  • 3

    Physics Mathematics
    foco masculine
    • The circumcircle of a triangle formed by three tangents to a parabola, passes through the focus of the parabola.
    • Well, he discovered, in the elliptical function, that the Sun was located at one of the two foci of the relevant ellipse.
    • The focus and directrix of a parabola were considered by Pappus.
    • The catenary is the locus of the focus of a parabola rolling along a straight line.
    • A feed system is placed with its phase center at the focus of the parabola.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (camera/eyes/instrument) enfocar
    to focus on sth/sb centrarse en algo/algn
    • his eyes were unable to focus on the small print no podía fijar la vista en la letra pequeña
    • the spotlight focused on the singer el reflector enfocó al cantante
  • 2

    to focus on sth/sb centrarse en algo/algn

transitive verb

  • 1

    (adjust focus of)
    (camera/telescope) enfocar
    to focus sth on sth/sb
    • she focused her binoculars on the yacht enfocó el yate con los prismáticos
  • 2

    to focus sth ( on sth) concentrar algo ( en algo)
    • I can't focus my mind on my work no me puedo concentrar en el trabajo
    • I focused attention on the economic problems centré la atención en los problemas económicos
    • all eyes were focused on her todas las miradas estaban puestas en ella