Translation of foggy in Spanish:


de niebla, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɒɡi//ˈfɔɡi//ˈfɑɡi/

adjectivefoggiest, foggier

  • 1

    (day) de niebla
    (weather) nebuloso
    it's foggy hay niebla
    • It was still foggy and dark enough that no one could have spotted her.
    • Big tall buildings surrounded her; it was gray, and a little foggy.
    • If outdoors, a cloudy-bright or even foggy day is best.
    • No more winters with snow, frost and cold foggy weather.
    • Cloudy or foggy days demand extra attention; without the low sun angle, all directions seem similar.
    • The clouds still hovered above us, and it was quite foggy outside.
    • I glanced around at the path in front and around me, everything foggy and unclear.
    • Further, the weather there is often foggy and skies are cloudy.
    • His eyes were still foggy with sleep and his hair was tousled.
    • Like the foggy cloud soaked fields, I am infected with hope.
    • But I refused to listen to him, and marched down the dark, foggy path.
    • When night falls, it becomes extremely foggy, so they take shelter in a cove.
    • The Loch Ard was an iron clipper that sailed into the Strait one foggy night in 1878.
    • The trio set off across the foggy moors of Innswich towards the long shadows of the town.
    • It was a quiet, dark night, foggy and drizzling with rain.
    • The foggy mist made it hard to see even their hands at their sides.
    • He'd seen her through the crowds that foggy morn, and saw nothing but a pale black shadow.
    • December 15th was a cold foggy morning in Plymouth.
    • The room was cold and foggy, and it was difficult to see clearly.
    • The air was slightly foggy and it was hot in the house.
  • 2

    • He tried to look into his foggy mind to see if he could remember anything or anyone, the only thing he could remember is some guy's fist slamming into his face.
    • She nearly fell in her decent; her mind mixed in a foggy, blurry, confused mess as she stumbled into the cave.
    • It gives me a headache and makes me feel foggy and confused for the rest of the day.
    • My mind is foggy, my head achy and my eyelids drooping.
    • My mind was foggy and my body was numb and aching from the cold.
    • Her head felt heavy and foggy as she lay down to sleep.
    • Lilatte didn't quite wake - her mind was still foggy, and she quickly drifted back into deep sleep.
    • Her mind was just so foggy, her body so alive with pain.
    • The next day I woke up groggily, my brain and eyes still foggy from sleep.
    • I nearly jumped out of my skin at that, my mind foggy and hazy.
    • His head was still a little foggy with the dream he'd been having.
    • My foggy mind clouded my thoughts, the heavy music returning, making me feel dizzy as my head pounded.
    • My mind is foggy right now, and I can't remember the exact order of things, so I'll skip to the Shino part.
    • William's brisk tone went a long ways toward clearing up Drake's foggy mind and fuzzy senses.