Translation of foible in Spanish:


debilidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔɪbəl//ˈfɔɪb(ə)l/


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    debilidad feminine
    flaqueza feminine literary
    • Both characters have their foibles and strengths; both have suffered greatly; both deserve the house and a second chance.
    • Isherwood's bright-eyed alertness, his lack of malice, his genial delight in the foibles of others all make him lovable.
    • The promising premise soon falters, with the striking central character's foibles never really fully realized or explained.
    • To read him, one feels, is to know him, foibles and all.
    • The film is likewise unsympathetic to their foibles.
    • Centre Court samples the understated foibles of the Henman character
    • Eca de Queiros exposed the vices and foibles of the middle classes in Portugal and the Maias is a classic example of this.
    • These foibles include our urge to chase the latest investment fad and doggedly hanging on to losers.
    • It is three pages long and goes into quite a lot of detail covering all of James' little eccentricities and foibles.
    • Character faults and foibles surface slowly and are dealt with compassionately.
    • He is certainly an avuncular figure, more paternal than patriarchal, yet even his faults and foibles are masculine in character.
    • And she amuses us with the foibles of human characters we too can recognize as belonging to the world around us.
    • They have foibles and desires and worries and dislikes.
    • The CEOs of underperforming companies do tend to develop all kinds of foibles, tics, and unpleasant mannerisms.
    • Sometimes human foibles are key in drug discovery.
    • Men of large vision often display outsized foibles as well.
    • But such foibles are useful only if they are exploited.
    • As humans, we have numerous foibles and/or weaknesses.
    • Do you think they just have a screenwriting computer programme that builds in all these character flaws and foibles?
    • Throughout the work, he debunks theories and rituals, and pokes sly fun at other writers and the foibles of his own characters.