Translation of foist in Spanish:


Pronunciation /fɔɪst//fɔɪst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to foist sth (off) on / onto sb encajarle algo a algn informal
    • to foist oneself on sb pegársele a algn
    • But then some old drunk foisted a gun into my hands one night and said, ‘Get out along that road and kill me a blue belly.’
    • It foisted an unnecessary holiday on all Government schools, certainly an outrageous concession that nobody deserves and demands.
    • He accuses Mr Behnam of foisting his opinion on others.
    • The constitution allows for a democratic procedure, rather than foisting a candidate on an association from the central party.
    • The drift has shrunk the tax base and foisted ever-higher bills on citizens already paying the highest council tax in Scotland.
    • He warned that the council could repeat the same mistakes if it suddenly foisted schemes on other sites.
    • But protesters say planners are foisting essential services on to the proposed development so eventually it will have to go ahead.
    • Our own community foisted a base tax on its residents.
    • I'm always suspicious when a previous generation tries to foist its heroes on me.
    • He's patient and doesn't foist his presence on anyone, but rather waits for them to acknowledge him as a companion.