Translation of folk music in Spanish:

folk music

música folklórica, n.


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    música folklórica feminine
    • Most anyone with an ear for the more deranged side of folk music will find something to like.
    • There are no simple explanations for the remarkable transformation of Celtic music from folk music to world music.
    • Its tranquil moments convey a nostalgic yearning common to Japanese folk music.
    • With a few exceptions the Orchestra's entire repertoire is traditional Russian folk music.
    • By its very nature, Irish traditional music is a folk music, simple and uncomplicated.
    • And these different genres, like folk music and dance music, come out of that.
    • When it all comes down to it, what I really want is folk music to still be around.
    • This is folk music with an Eastern tinge to it, done by musicians in the deep American South.
    • The music accompanying the ballet will feature the style of Southeast China folk music.
    • Folk music wouldn't be folk music without songs of political responsibility and social justice.
    • It's with that in mind that Sokel plays everything from dub and reggae to pop and folk music.
    • In the band Franco played all types of music on the accordion from Russian folk music to Beatles hits.
    • No one does a better job transforming folk music into something special than Sadikova.
    • I have never owned or been interested in folk music, except Woody Guthrie, who transcends it.
    • Musically, the sextet mixes punk and ska with Klezmer and Eastern European folk music.
    • I was mostly an acoustic guitar player and I listened to a lot of folk music.
    • I guess, when it all comes down to it, I just want folk music to be around still.
    • The melodeon or German accordion is a single-action button accordion, very popular for folk music.
    • What do we learn about the burgeoning folk music scene Dylan went on to define and later monopolise?
    • Scorcese managed to place the event in its true context by tracing Dylan's journey through folk music.
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    música folk feminine