Translation of follow-on in Spanish:


continuación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɑloʊ ˌɑn///



  • 1

    continuación feminine
    by way of a follow-on para continuar
    • To prevent such recurrences, doctors are testing a number of follow-on treatments, often with well-known drugs.
    • Women simply don't come to see them and the problems remain undiagnosed with all the follow-on ramifications developing unchecked.
    • The truth, I suspect, is that Havers simply can't be bothered to go there, and doesn't want the inevitable follow-on question about Polly.
    • Of course, a follow-on discovery of fossilized microbes would be the planetary science story of the century.
    • The follow-on course will be more intense in order to give the adult students a more indepth grounding in the Microsoft Office Programme.
    • The unions signed up to benchmarking process so there is no basis for the follow-on claims.
    • As a follow-on company began to make their entrance into the berm, he returned to his vehicle and backed it out of the trench.
    • There's no pain associated with it - though occasionally, I'll get a follow-on headache.
    • And yet, we have to keep the packs happy and we have to make sure that we get an appropriate follow-on government there.
    • Trippi was first out of the gate, announcing Change for America, a follow-on effort, at the beginning of February.
    • I don't think even Tim mentions, in his follow-on response, the most striking thing about the letter in question.
    • Indeed, such a follow-on claim would explode whatever sense there is in Jefferson's argument.
    • The follow-on attempt yielded similar results, so I elected to stay fast.
    • If you put a link to your follow-on post in the comments of the site where you found it, the chain will be trackable.
    • The follow-on costs arise from the military situation we may face after the war ends.
    • Intier is now integrating the interiors for the follow-on models to the CTS for Cadillac, out of its own studios.
    • The real value will be in the follow-on work to this award.
    • About a third of them, I think, are going to actually take it through to an operational vehicle and be part of our X Prize Cup, which is our follow-on event.
    • Liz was welcome to attend this initial forum, and may still attend the planned follow-on meetings, to add her contributions.
    • The union is campaigning to ensure the shipyard in Barrow gets a follow-on order for more Astute nuclear submarines.