Translation of follow-up in Spanish:


continuación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɒləʊʌp//ˈfɑloʊ ˌəp/


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    continuación feminine
    he was urged to write a follow-up to his novel le instaron a escribir una continuación de su novela
    • before noun she sent a follow-up letter mandó una segunda (or tercera etc.) carta
    • It isn't that the album Everyone Is Here is a follow-up to Finn, which the brothers recorded 10 years ago.
    • After this current tour, Jason will embark on an exciting new TV project as a follow-up to his recent BBC2 hit show Jason Byrne Hates.
    • The Take Me Out singers are to begin recording their second album in March as a follow-up to their eponymous debut.
    • The first, a double CD, teams two of the great jazz vocalists in a follow-up to their first successful get-together.
    • This article may be considered a follow-up to Lee's article.
    • As a follow-up to the IMDb records post a few days ago, who has the earliest birth date listed on IMDb?
    • This is a complete cookbook, a follow-up to his very successful book about the ultimate weight loss.
    • He's also planning to get back in the studio this fall for a follow-up to the well-received Here on Earth recording from a couple of years ago.
    • It's a follow-up to last year's Gemini Award-winning The Atwood Stories.
    • It's a follow-up to a film called That'll Be the Day that David Essex starred in.
    • The show was a follow-up to the launch of her debut album ‘Wini’ which has proven very popular over the past few months.
    • He is doing a follow-up to the fantastic television musical Feltham Sings, for which he worked with juvenile offenders.
    • They are also planning a follow-up to their successful and widely-publicised street hockey protest on Commercial Drive.
    • He is launching a new show, Twelfth Night: the Musical, at the Edinburgh Festival, as a follow-up to Zipp!
    • We'll post a follow-up to this intriguing story as soon as we get the straight dope.
    • It's terribly easy to criticise a follow-up to a massive success but I can only be honest and say that it hardly made me laugh at all.
    • The Guardian printed a follow-up to the story I linked to last week about the mysterious underground cinema in Paris.
    • If anything, it might be something with Luc Besson, a follow-up to a film I did when I was younger called Leon.
    • A follow-up to his debut play The Land Of Cakes, premiered here last year, the new piece is based on his BBC radio series The Aberdee Brief.
    • As a follow-up to the epic post on the graveyard of ideologies, here is a story about the graveyards of ideologists.
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    (further treatment, action)
    seguimiento masculine
    before noun follow-up care atención postoperatoria (or durante la convalecencia etc.) feminine
    • follow-up study estudio complementario
    • Median follow-up time for the study population was more than 6.4 years.
    • The follow-up continues during the summer when birds move to the brood-rearing area.
    • A follow-up study last year showed the same 700 Leeds children continued to gain weight after starting secondary school.
    • Because her insurance would not cover medical hypnotherapy, she stopped follow-ups but continued for several months to do the self-hypnosis.
    • This requires patience and follow-up, which unfortunately is compromised in efforts to just produce more units.
    • Ethics review was granted separately for the follow-up employee study, as this was an add-on to the original research project.
    • This prompted a follow-up study on calcium's role in weight regulation.
    • A follow-up study by the researchers offers a possible explanation why.
    • The follow-up length of this study is, of course, too short to answer the question of long-term stability.
    • A follow-up study in Washington found that the wage gap had shrunk significantly.
    • Those follow-ups continue for up to two years, with the mother being supplied formula milk for her baby.
    • Another limitation of this study is the short follow-up period.
    • She said it was a follow-up to his visit for the back spasms.
    • The follow-up question was contingent upon the answer to the first question.
    • Londonist proposes a follow-up study to see if shopping on Oxford Street on a December Saturday is stressful.
    • The deleted scenes include more case studies and a follow-up with campaigners.
    • A follow-up study found that exposure was highly variable and workers may have modified their exposure as a consequence of being studied.
    • The presentation includes methods to continue the essential follow-up needed to keep the vision alive.
    • The next spacecraft heading to Mars will not have the necessary equipment to do the follow-up methane studies, Mumma said.
    • The parents of 90 infants agreed to participate in the follow-up study.
    • It was announced that the discussion will continue in a follow-up session.