Translation of following in Spanish:


siguiente, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈfɑloʊɪŋ//ˈfɒləʊɪŋ/


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    (next, about to be mentioned)
    (on) the following day al día siguiente
    • the following pupils los siguientes alumnos
    • To provide additional overview, the following paragraph was gleaned from the court documents.
    • The following centuries saw the successive rise and fall of new civilisations.
    • It included the following advice for a mother to mention to her daughter.
    • The following year, that successful appeal led to the formation of a committee to build and fund a hospice.
    • See the following listings for more information about match dates and equipment.
    • So on one hand they demand loyalty, but on the other hand they also want their team to be successful in the following season.
    • As I awoke the following morning I found a note taped to my head.
    • The following day, a 10 mile Famine walk was successfully negotiated by the same group.
    • He carried out the duties of this position very successfully for the following two years.
    • I am going to read into the judgment the following paragraphs of the circular.
    • The following year, it succeeded in attracting one-and-a-half million Iranians to public lectures.
    • If you feel that you need to use a fly spray, you may have success with the following recipe.
    • On behalf of the club we wish to extend our sincere thanks to the following people who made this a successful and memorable night.
    • Most of them walked out of Belfast Crown Court the following year after successful appeals.
    • The method allowed the following kinds of information to be recorded and coded.
    • He was responsible for the recall of Alcibiades and contributed largely to the naval success of the following years.
    • The following May he succeeded Badoglio as governor-general and viceroy in Abyssinia.
    • When Gail brought him home after a romantic dinner, the following conversation ensued.
    • And the most amazing thing was that quite a few of them came back the following and subsequent years.
    • Over the next two days and on a subsequent trip the following weekend I caught and saw many more bass.
    • The following information is general in nature and should not be taken as personal professional advice.
    • But we failed to build on that success over the following two seasons.
    • You are entitled a link on this site only if you meet the following criteria.
    • He successfully re-took them the following year, and is now at Edinburgh University.
    • In the hope that education might be the answer, I offer the following information.
    • The following excerpt from Bauman's letter was at the same time surprisingly realistic.
    • The following season also brought success as Corinthians won the league in addition to best defence award.
    • The species that we include in our collections were determined through the following criteria.
    • To this end, tenderers should be aware of the following specific information.
    • Kate left the hospital the following morning and Winston went to pick her up.
    • Readers wanting more information will find the following critical reviews pertinent.
    • Her second marathon in Paris the following year was more successful.
    • The horse returned to Cheltenham the following year to successfully defend his title under John Francome.
    • If you don't want to read the spoiler, skip the following paragraph.
    • The prior notice must be submitted electronically and contain the following information.
    • A most successful year was reviewed by the outgoing officers and the following officers were elected.
    • The following morning, the new housekeeper enters his room and finds him dead.
    • Studies were included in this review if they met the following criteria.
    • There is an orange backdrop to the following quotes from two widely diverse locations.
    • The following year he succeeded Byrne as compère of the Rose of Tralee.
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    (wind) en popa
    • With a bit of luck and a following wind, I may even make it home before midnight.
    • With a following wind, a pilot could easily find his airspeed dropping below stalling speed.
    • The high quality event took place in following winds that propelled most of the finalists to big jumps.
    • In the British civil service, given a following wind, there might even be a gong at the end.
    • Later on a following wind caused some adrenaline shoves at the start.
    • Copy me in and as usual I will do what I can to give your complaint a following wind.
    • With luck and a following wind we'll be out of it in a twelve-month.


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    (masculine plural) (followers) seguidores
    (masculine plural) (admirers) admiradores
    he has a large following among the young tiene muchos seguidores entre los jóvenes
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    (what, who comes next)
    the following
    • the following are to play in tomorrow's game ... los siguientes jugarán en el partido de mañana ...
    • the letter said the following ... la carta decía lo siguiente ...