Translation of foment in Spanish:


fomentar, v.

Pronunciation /fə(ʊ)ˈmɛnt//ˈfoʊˌmɛnt//ˌfoʊˈmɛnt/

transitive verb


  • 1

    instigar a
    • That detention, according to authorities, was for his own safety, which later changed when he was charged with fomenting violence.
    • He told the Post that military action would foment a political crisis in the Middle East, which, he said, could ignite the rise of radicalism.
    • This has already had the effect of increasing tensions and is fomenting political hatred.
    • It is used to foment fear and political disorientation as a means of pushing through policies that were previously politically unthinkable.
    • They could use their combat skills to foment a violent revolution.
    • Some sharp-tongued commentators even take delight in instigating crowds and fomenting a rebellion.
    • The economic crisis fomented significant unrest in both countries, leading to a rise in nationalist fervor and rhetoric.
    • The fairies created fairy dust to foment, or stir up trouble.
    • These religious schools still preach an insidious doctrine that foments the sectarian violence that is increasingly a threat to the stability of Pakistan.
    • The same is true as we now try to deport people who are inciting hatred and fomenting extremism in the Muslim community.
    • Nuclear weapons research went on, but beyond the public gaze and without any open attempt to foment jingoism or gain political mileage.
    • Likewise, religious extremists who foment violence should have their speech restricted.
    • But by the same token, it's not a good thing for them to be fomenting world opinion against us either.
    • If the mediascape is not open and pluralistic, these viewpoints may leave the democratic sphere and foment violence.
    • But the government is surely watching, aware that Internet discussions can foment unrest.
    • In fact, we think she's a Utopian sent to foment unrest within the Confederacy.
    • The question, of course, is ‘Will he foment violence?’
    • The working class must reject all such attempts to foment nationalist sentiments in the name of defending the welfare state.
    • Most people can sense a ‘grand design’ to bring Indonesia to its knees by fomenting violence and unrest across the archipelago.