Translation of food chain in Spanish:

food chain

cadena alimenticia, n.


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    cadena alimenticia feminine
    cadena trófica feminine
    • Taking a broader approach, what kind of impact will this have on the food chain and ecosystems?
    • Many more cave critters die in the game because of the missing guano in the food chain.
    • As these cattle entered the food chain they would have become a potential source of infection for people.
    • Some enter the food chain through pesticides, pollution or leeching from plastic wraps and bottles.
    • What makes you so confident that the silver iodide will stay out of the food chain and not affect the environment?
    • Revolutionary changes are needed in the mechanisms that control the food chain.
    • Most of this maize was probably used for animal feed and thus entered the human food chain.
    • A huge hit to the base of the food chain should ripple up through fish and seabirds.
    • The rejected meat is usually processed for pet food but can cause serious illness or even death if diverted back into the food chain.
    • William believes that the stability of the family business is dependent on what goes on further down the food chain.
    • It means that there is a lot less lead in water, in air, in the food chain and in wildlife.
    • Then it was said to be contaminating the food chain and was a carcinogen.
    • The press initially fingered Asian restaurants as a likely source of this pollution of our food chain.
    • The higher up the food chain that one lives, the more collects in the body.
    • Peregrines are top predators and can act as indicators of the quality of the food chain and of the surrounding environment.
    • If the contamination had not been discovered the pigs would have been slaughtered for food and entered the human food chain.
    • Having once penetrated the ecosystems, they remain for a long time in the food chain.
    • It says farmers will only continue if they are assured others in the food chain are committed to providing them with a fair return.
    • How healthy is the supply of green matter at the bottom of the food chain?
    • If appointments continue to favour those at the top of the food chain, a great opportunity will be missed.