Translation of foolhardy in Spanish:


imprudente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfuːlhɑːdi//ˈfulˌhɑrdi/


  • 1

    • If you've been foolhardy enough to dismiss the series as lady-fodder, let FHM enlighten you.
    • In fact, Chia has only two words for anybody foolhardy enough to attempt it.
    • Fortunately, none of my students had been foolhardy enough to follow me.
    • It is, if we are honest with ourselves, a bold, possibly even foolhardy undertaking.
    • If you are foolhardy enough to plan a visit to The Bridge, however, there are a few things to bear in mind.
    • Earl shouted, bravely standing up to his Superiors, something few Villagers had ever been foolhardy enough to do.
    • How many were merely foolhardy enough to get their hands too close to his mouth, and how many actually hurt him?
    • Last night I did what you will doubtless term very foolhardy extravagant and unwise.
    • The swings were made out of the hardest substances known to man, and could decapitate anyone foolhardy enough to walk past.
    • The counsel will have a lot to say about your foolhardy irresponsible actions.
    • The signings can be described as bold or foolhardy, but which will it turn out to be?
    • Most of them are on the road long enough not to fall into that foolhardy trap.
    • She wasn't foolhardy enough to take them all on by herself, that was for sure.
    • This doesn't mean becoming foolhardy, though it helps to be fun and playful.
    • Regiments travelled extensively to attack each other and a host of enemies who were foolhardy enough to provoke us.
    • A glance over the unprotected ledge was enough to scare the most foolhardy.
    • Three years ago I was foolhardy enough to call the Turner's structure ‘exemplary’.
    • Those who would be foolhardy enough to actually take any of this seriously would do better to steer clear of this film.
    • That includes digging a hole in the ice for those brave or foolhardy enough to take a very chilly dip.
    • Anyone found, still foolhardy enough to use their name, and be known to use it, could be summarily killed, and beheaded.