Translation of foolishly in Spanish:


tontamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfuːlɪʃli//ˈfulɪʃlɪ/


  • 1

    (of a man) como un tonto
    (of a woman) como una tonta
    foolishly, I believed him como un tonto, le creí
    • When we got back to the car, whose top I had foolishly left open, the seats were hot as griddles.
    • They were idiotically, youthfully and foolishly in love and enjoying every minute of it.
    • I'm actually quite looking forward to being the sober one that can remind them all tomorrow how foolishly they were acting!
    • Was she just stupid, or foolishly did she think she could change him?
    • I made the mistake of eating too many starters, foolishly thinking I'd still have plenty of room for the main dishes.