Translation of foot in Spanish:


pie, n.

Pronunciation: /fʊt//fʊt/


  • 1

    (of person) pie masculine
    (of animal) pata masculine
    (on sewing machine) pie masculine
    to be on one's feet estar de pie
    • it was a long time before she was on her feet again tardó mucho en recuperarse
    • they got the company back on its feet volvieron a levantar la compañía
    • to get / rise to one's feet (get up, after falling) levantarse
    • to keep one's feet mantenerse en pie
    • go home and put your feet up vete a casa a descansar
    • to sit/kneel at sb's feet sentarse/arrodillarse a los pies de algn
    • he had never set foot in a church before nunca había pisado una iglesia / entrado en una iglesia antes
    • to go/come on foot ir/venir a pie / caminando / andando
    • a foot in the door
    • it's a way of getting your foot in the door es una manera de introducirte / de meterte en la empresa (/ la profesión etc. )
    • once they have their foot in the door, you can't get rid of them si les abres la puerta, ya no te los sacas de encima
    • my foot!
    • impossible my foot, a child could have done it! ¡qué imposible ni que niño muerto / ni que ocho cuartos! ¡hasta un niño lo podría haber hecho!
    • delicate condition my foot! ¡estado delicado mi / tu abuela!
    • not to put a foot wrong no dar un paso en falso
    • the shoe's / boot's on the other foot se ha dado vuelta la tortilla
    • to be able to think on one's feet ser capaz de pensar con rapidez
    • to be dead / asleep on one's feet no poder tenerse en pie
    • to be on the back foot estar a la defensiva
    • to be out on one's feet no poder tenerse en pie
    • to be rushed / run off one's feet estar agobiado de trabajo
    • to fall / land on one's feet
    • she always seems to land on her feet siempre le sale todo redondo
    • to find one's feet
    • it didn't take him long to find his feet in his new school no tardó en habituarse a la nueva escuela
    • to get cold feet (about sth)
    • she got cold feet le entró miedo y se echó atrás
    • to get off on the wrong foot empezar con el pie izquierdo / con mal pie
    • to have a foot in both camps nadar entre dos aguas
    • to have feet of clay tener pies de barro
    • to have itchy / itching feet ser inquieto
    • after too long in the same job I start to get itchy feet si estoy demasiado tiempo en el mismo trabajo me entran ganas de cambiar de aires
    • to have one foot in the grave estar con un pie en la sepultura
    • to have one's feet on the ground tener los pies sobre la tierra
    • I hope he keeps his feet on the ground now he's been promoted espero que no se le suba el ascenso a la cabeza
    • to put one's best foot forward (hurry) apretar el paso
    • to put one's foot down (be firm) imponerse
    • to put one's foot in it (make blunder) meter la pata
    • to put one's foot in one's mouth cometer una gaffe
    • to stand on one's own two feet valerse por sí (/ mí etc. ) mismo
    • to sweep sb off her/his feet
    • she was swept off her feet by an older man se enamoró perdidamente de un hombre mayor que ella
    • under sb's feet
    • the cat keeps getting under my feet el gato siempre me anda alrededor / siempre se me está atravesando
    • The floor of the print tends to be drawn upwards as the animal withdrew its foot from wet and sticky sediments.
    • But there is a feeling that Lock has his foot off the pedal here.
    • A sensor in the heel measures changes in compression each time the wearer's foot hits the ground.
    • The animal takes off with a push from its large and muscular hind limbs and lands on its hind feet and tail.
    • Gout is caused by deposits of uric acid in joints of the feet or ankles, that lead to inflammatory arthritis.
    • Their talons are sharp and hooked and their feet are zygodactyl with a reversible fourth toe.
    • The girls' feet crunched loudly in the near silence after the rain.
    • The Antipodes were the body's extremities, its feet or its finger nails.
    • This mainly affects the ankles, knees and feet, but may also involve the eyes and even the heart.
    • His left hind foot is set firmly against the hero's head.
    • When threading up any sewing machine make sure the foot is 'up' as this opens the tension disks and the thread goes between.
    • This slows blood circulation and causes even more fluid to build up in your feet and ankles.
    • Both the foot and the parapodia are innervated by nerve trunks originating most often from the pedal ganglia.
    • The floor lit up at intervals below Lissie's feet as she stood in the middle of the dance floor.
    • But the dancer's feet moved to the rhythms of Kathak, drummed on the tabla.
    • The symptoms are a milder form of the painful blisters that appear around the mouth, nose and feet in animals.
    • Such a move would be the economic equivalent of an animal gnawing off its foot to get out of a trap.
    • Swiftly, she sat up, putting her cold bare feet on the wooden floor and standing.
    • Albatrosses are seabirds with long, narrow wings, a short tail and large webbed feet.
    • A presser foot, for a sewing machine for use in sewing slide fasteners to garments, has a foot portion pivotally mounted on a vertically movable presser bar.
    • Their tails are long but not prehensile, and their feet are not syndactylous.
    • Therefore, we also drew a small sample of lymph from an incision made into the web between two toes of a hind foot.
    • The bird's webbed feet, angled upward, skim across the water.
    • He stamped his booted foot, knowing that Vin had something to do with her disappearance.
    • As in the case of macropodid hind feet, the fourth toe is the longest and strongest.
    • I sometimes feel like I need to dunk my cold feet in some warm water.
    • They have an opposable hallux on their hind feet, and their pelage is soft, thick, and wooly.
    • He put his left foot in the stirrup, and then sat there.
    • Stabilize yourself on an exercise ball with feet hip-width apart and flat on the floor.
    • He then stepped his right foot in front of him, digging it into the earth in front of him.
    • At last, their horses' feet touched the dirt of the road.
    • Beyond the cut, the beetle can feed without gumming up its feet and mouthparts.
    • She stamped one bare foot on the ground.
    • Passive range of motion of the foot and ankle joints should be assessed for indications of restricted movement.
    • The health of the foot throughout the animal's life is based on a good solid heel base.
    • Legs and feet of males are mostly black or brown, whereas females are white or red.
    • Loop one end of the tubing around the ball of the foot with the injured ankle.
    • Boobies use their wings and feet frequently in displays and in aerial greetings.
    • The discovery will help scientists better understand how our early ancestors began to walk on two feet.
    • As is true of all members of their order, they are diprotodont and their hind feet are syndactylous.
    • Her tired, sore feet pounded the pavement.
    • They have long snouts, small eyes, large, clawed feet and long nearly naked tails.
    • The dive base lay at the foot of a steep boulder slope, overhung by a high, arched ceiling adorned with enormous stalactites.
    • She had been laid to rest at the foot of the small hill opposite the hospital.
    • The flower girl reached the throne and then carefully sprinkled the rest of the flower petals at the foot of the royal chair.
    • There's a list of around 300 names in a display case at the foot of the outside stairs.
    • In Satyagraha in South Africa, he speaks of the surpassing beauty of Cape Town situated at the foot of the Table Mountain.
    • Mr Oglesby-Wellings fell on to a tree, through its branches and came to rest at the foot of the cliff face.
    • Today, this prime area of land at the foot of Table Mountain, continues to remain vacant.
    • He came on with Jessica St Rose aka Pepper Sauce, as her small but vibrant fan base rushed to the foot of the stage.
    • Tomorrow, the team will be dropped by helicopter into the jungle and must trek to their base at the foot of a volcano.
    • They will safely see you through Hermit Rapid at 12,000 cubic feet per second.
    • He lunged for her, grabbing her arm as she dangled dangerously a few hundred feet off the ground.
    • He then stepped back three feet and closed his eyes.
    • The four-story project will comprise 40 condos and 7,500 square feet of retail space.
    • Maximum flood rates reached 1.6 million cubic feet per second.
    • Nikki said the animal was about five feet long with green eyes.
    • A separate building offers another 11, 625 square feet of retail space.
    • He had dodged right into a ring of fire only twenty feet in diameter.
    • There was a steel grate in the ceiling about three feet by three feet.
    • He stood six feet tall and was covered in coarse black fur.
    • Sally could have sworn that Michael jumped four feet into the air.
    • With grayish brown fur and a nearly naked tail, the animals rarely grow to more than half a foot long.
    • Some places report two feet of water in the streets.
    • The center was a large room a good five hundred feet in diameter and several stories high.
    • "The observation deck is over ten thousand feet above ground, " she said at one point.
    • How could one lift a twenty ton stone ten feet into the air?
    • The monster dived at Tekken as he did a back flip ten feet into the air.
    • Off the living room is an east-facing balcony measuring five feet by six feet.
    • Takeshi stood a good six feet tall for a young man of 16.
    • They were standing on a smallish island no more than one hundred feet in diameter.
    • But she genuinely excels on those occasions when she employs a mixture of metrical feet.
    • A trochee is a metrical foot of two syllables, the first long and the second short.
    • The division of a line of poetry into feet is much like the division of a musical phrase into bars.
  • 2

    (bottom, lower end)
    pie masculine
    the foot of the hill el pie de la montaña
    • at the foot of the page a pie de página
    • the foot of the bed los pies de la cama
  • 3

    pie masculine
    he is six foot/feet tall mide seis pies
  • 4Britishdated

    infantería feminine
    an army of 5000 foot un ejército de 5.000 hombres a pie
  • 5

    (in poetry)
    pie masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    it's always Paul who foots the bill siempre es Paul quien paga
    • the company is footing the bill for all the expenses la compañía corre con / se hace cargo de todos los gastos
    • to foot it ir a pie