Translation of foot soldier in Spanish:

foot soldier

soldado de infantería, n.


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    soldado de infantería masculine
    soldado de a pie feminine
    • If the application was for, say, a foot soldier in the army, a full health assessment was crucial.
    • A chain of command linking a leader with a foot soldier is called a maximal chain in the ordered set.
    • It does not matter if you're a foot soldier or a commander - the rule applies to all.
    • And the problem is, in a war like this, a foot soldier's war, it's a weapon of choice by the bad guys.
    • He joined up at the age of 17 and became a foot soldier in a war which claimed more than 750,000 British lives - most of them his fellow infantrymen.
    • When zipping through the military themed course you have to contend with a trigger-happy foot soldier holding a machine gun.
    • Swords were commonly used by foot soldiers.
    • Once again, Western nations who seek a stable international order are faced with the task of putting foot soldiers into the field to preserve the interests of liberal democracy.
    • The short article tried to relay this opinion: for the individual infantry foot soldier, duty in Iraq, 2004 is risky… almost as risky as duty in Vietnam, 1966.
    • A foot soldier in the army would surely have died halfway through the fight, if not sooner.
    • Following the catastrophe, the tired foot soldier, virtually alone among his peers, sought to defend the court-martialed generals of the ill-fated campaign.
    • One of our loading screen quotes states that the average infantryman saw 240 days of combat a year compared to 10 days for a foot soldier in the South Pacific during World War II.
    • Telling the truth often requires as much courage as that of the foot soldier, the police officer, the firefighter.
    • Essentially, you become both the foot soldier as well as the commander.
    • That's not how things looked at the time, she says forcefully, for example to a foot soldier in North America during the Seven Years War or a working-class girl living in a series of military camps in India a few years later.
    • Reform-minded officers concede that foot soldiers, local or imported, took sides, transforming a communal melee of machetes and spears into a sustained carnage of guns and grenades.
    • Eventually, when my brother was old enough, he became a foot soldier in the army.
    • From a common foot soldier he rose to become one of the most honored military men of his time, the only seventeenth-century commander to receive the coveted title of marechal-general.
    • Your foot soldiers, the guys in the foxholes and the trenches, they're getting it done.
    • But equally they are producing a heroic fairytale; and their protagonist is more than just a foot soldier in the army of a famous knight.