Translation of foothold in Spanish:


punto de apoyo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʊthəʊld//ˈfʊtˌhoʊld/


  • 1

    (para el pie) punto de apoyo masculine
    the climber lost his foothold al escalador se le fue el pie
    • to get a foothold afirmar el pie en un punto de apoyo
    • to get / gain a foothold prender
    • it's difficult to get / gain a foothold in the Japanese market es difícil introducirse en el mercado japonés
    • the greens gained a foothold in the electoral system los verdes se hicieron con un espacio en el sistema electoral
    • There's nothing immediate here for people struggling to get a foothold on the property ladder.
    • In the days following the D-Day landings, Allied troops carved a tenuous foothold on the coast of Normandy.
    • Deutsche Bank has been trying without success to get a firm foothold in the market.
    • You are bracing to maintain your foothold on your fitness center enrollment.
    • Regency Gates and Railings has now established a firm foothold in the commercial and domestic exterior homes market.
    • This cannibal killer has already secured a foothold in the South East - and scientists believe it could spread quickly.
    • Still, Sweeney feels confident that the changes under way in Boston are gaining a firm foothold.
    • Existing designer labels will be promoted and provided with an opportunity to gain footholds in global markets.
    • For most actors, being identified with a genre helps maintain a foot-hold in a tough industry.
    • How likely is it for evil to regain a foothold anywhere?
    • But it's found a foothold in the industry already.
    • Samsung's experience in handsets will doubtless help it gain a foothold in these markets.
    • Something has crossed our lives so that we are about to lose foothold in the public world of common sense.
    • Cable firms took full advantage of BT's slow start and established a strong foothold.
    • More encouragingly, having weathered the storm, the Minstermen set about establishing a foothold in the game.
    • And it's given them a foothold in the game, after 15 minutes in which they were run ragged.
    • Regaining a foothold in international psychology was a hard-won achievement, to be sure.
    • Analysts say Golkar boasts the most qualified candidates and has a strong foothold throughout Indonesia.
    • Respect has now got a strong foothold in east London, where the labour movement started off.
    • MCI is attempting to regain its financial foothold after emerging from bankruptcy in April.