Translation of footloose in Spanish:


libre y sin compromiso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfʊtluːs//ˈfʊtˌlus/


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    libre y sin compromiso
    footloose and fancy-free libre como el viento
    • Like Watkins, Olmsted, who early on styled himself a footloose gentleman farmer, wandered unprepared into his art.
    • Contrary to their romantic image, nomads are not simply footloose people addicted to wanderlust.
    • In the meantime, my grandfather, finding himself footloose and fancy-free in London without any family to tie him down, went, ‘Whoohoo!’
    • Thanks to our footloose times, all their children have gone abroad; and now, though elderly themselves, they have to continue the role of caring; this time, it is babysitting the grandchildren!
    • But while the migrant pickers may be footloose, they are not carefree.
    • Yes, well, a Shaughraun is an Irish rural character, a vagabond, a footloose but loyal trickster.
    • This will be my last Festival that's even vaguely footloose and fancy-free.
    • Piles of suitcases symbolize a generation of migrants and Guthrie's footloose nature.
    • In appearance, the RV is not much different from what a pair of footloose retirees might drive to Yellowstone but for the words ‘Asthma Van’ emblazoned emphatically in black on each side.
    • He, too, was divorced, footloose and fancy-free.
    • His footloose and fancy-free lifestyle means he had no qualms about buying a home in New Zealand and opening a restaurant in the heart of Newmarket where competition is brisk.
    • Tony, a footloose and hard-living traveller, finds himself penniless and without a job out in the wilds of Kenya.
    • The boomers are actually doing a lot more travelling than their footloose children.
    • Then footloose and fancy free, Terry travelled Australia for the next couple of years.
    • We're going beyond the beloved flip-flop - here are five cool pairs that will keep you feeling footloose and fancy-free all season.
    • We like to keep it footloose and fancy free and take delight in the fact that the performance can take many twists and turns.
    • They're footloose, and they'll go where they can get the best deal.
    • If you are in the market for an estate, it's unlikely to be because you are footloose and fancy-free.
    • They feature some excellent stories, including by writers such as Conan Doyle and E.Philips Oppenheim, who wrote some very interesting crime novels set among the footloose expatriate set on the French Riviera.
    • But I'm footloose and fancy free and there's nothing to stop me.