Translation of for-profit in Spanish:


comercial, adj.

Pronunciation /fərˈprɑfət/


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    con fines de lucro
    • Business organizations include any for-profit, governmental or nonprofit entity.
    • Private, for-profit firms must build a organizations that achieve efficient and effective scale.
    • They may have a different rationale for their online presence than for-profit organisations.
    • In contrast, for-profit owners have the right to use profits and assets as they see fit.
    • The decrease in affordable housing has continued as subsidized housing has been bought up by for-profit organizations.
    • Government and for-profit organizations share several of these potential uses.
    • The second option is to lease out the fitness portion of the wellness project to an independent, for-profit operator.
    • Just for the record here, as most news sources operate on a for-profit basis they are biased because of it.
    • The university is not a for-profit enterprise, so there are no profits to share.
    • But when they are operated by for-profit entities, they become even more of a lightning rod.
    • The airport must form a for-profit, private company that meets the criteria established by law and by the TSA.
    • Senator Hagan pushed a bill through the legislature putting tighter restrictions on for-profit prisons.
    • Why should a for-profit company profit from its association with an ABC radio station?
    • But a for-profit corporation can't survive forever without actually making a profit.
    • You either work for a nonprofit that creates social value or you work for a for-profit that creates economic value.
    • She visits large numbers of them at work in both private for-profit centres and community not-for-profit organisations.
    • As the number of players increases, some will be smaller for-profit entities operating outside hospitals.
    • In the same way, all for-profit organisations have to make a profit.
    • He is more than just the president and CEO of for-profit organisations.
    • He supported a for-profit privatization plan by the Edison company that parents voted down overwhelmingly.