Translation of forbid in Spanish:


prohibir, v.

Pronunciation /fərˈbɪd//fəˈbɪd/

transitive verbforbidden, forbade, forbad

  • 1

    (not allow)
    taking photographs is strictly forbidden está terminantemente prohibido tomar fotografías
    • to forbid sb to + inf prohibirle a algn + inf
    • I've forbidden them to use the car les he prohibido usar / que usen el coche
    • [ S ]visitors are forbidden to light fires se prohíbe a los visitantes hacer fuego
    • to forbid sb sth prohibirle algo a algn
    • No state or federal laws forbid such electioneering activities, no matter how criminal the corporation.
    • Until the reign of the iconoclastic Kamehameha II, Hawaiian culture was dominated by a rigid set of kapu, or taboos, sacred laws forbidding things like men and women eating together.
    • They also argued that the FBI violated Russian law, which strictly forbids un-authorized trespass on hard drives.
    • I'd rather see a law forbidding the practice than trying to sort out ways to allow data sharing without my knowledge.
    • Four rangers from the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Authority enforce laws forbidding damage to the reefs.
    • When used as a sheep-dip it is forbidden to allow sheep producing milk for human consumption to go near Seraphos.
    • Sexual harassment law forbids speech that creates a hostile or offensive working environment.
    • Bent on establishing a biracial society, Southern whites passed strict laws forbidding interracial marriage, naming the issue of such unions illegitimate.
    • Jewish law forbids the use of the name of the holy rabbi for profit.
    • Church leaders could face prosecution if they refuse to ordain practising homosexuals under new laws forbidding discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.
    • It is forbidden to refuse anyone, even a stranger, shelter and food.
    • It also says the 2001 donation agreement allows the company to forbid use of the interchange for loads that do not originate or end on the Britton Line.
    • Although the majority Grand National Party is trying to prolong the period of the parliamentary probe into the state affairs, this won't be realized because the National Assembly Law forbids any extension.
    • The regional governors there are not allowing mayors to draw loans for infrastructure projects because the law forbids the extension of loans up to six months prior to elections.
    • Clearly, the state's role in promoting, allowing, or forbidding social change is crucial.
    • And some rabbis say that Jewish law forbids making money off his name.
    • She explained that Nunavut's new election law forbids the posting of voters' lists containing the names and addresses of voters, for reasons of confidentiality and security.
    • The policy, designed to leave families homeless, impoverished and traumatized, is illegal because international law forbids the demolition of houses by an occupying power.
    • Young arguably could have been charged with violating a Tennessee law that forbids bribes to ‘public servants,’ a crime that carries a penalty of three to six years in prison.
    • Smoking indoors had already become a taboo long before government created laws forbidding it.
  • 2

    modesty forbids me mentioning it la modestia me impide mencionarlo
    • Thus it is that the growth of technical means tending to absolutism forbids the appearance of values and condemns to sterility our search for the ethical and the spiritual.
    • And, most of all… I hated the circumstances for forbidding it.
    • Genetic principles forbade such easy transformation of the genetic nature of species and the creation of a new one.
    • Similarly, if someone develops a mental illness that forbids them from owning guns, the courts can find out if the individual owns weapons.
    • Many of the foreigners were utterly destitute; and their increasing numbers at length forbade a recourse to the usual modes of relief.
    • Burckhardt, writing in the nineteenth century in his Civilisation of the Renaissance in Italy, simply said that ‘the character of the tales forbids lengthy description’, and moved hastily on.
    • Its cliffs forbid coastal access, leaving the interior - a tussock-covered plateau - as the only feasible route.
    • Desire, for example, can come to understand that reason forbids its satisfaction in certain circumstances, and so can come to adjust, not putting up a fight.