Translation of forceps in Spanish:


fórceps, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrsəps//ˈfɔrˌsɛps//ˈfɔːsɪps//ˈfɔːsɛps/

plural noun

  • 1

    fórceps masculine
    before noun forceps delivery parto con fórceps masculine
    • Finally, on the fifth day, I put my head out and there was a doctor with a large pair of forceps, which he slapped around my head, and pulled me out.
    • Research has also shown that women planning to give birth at home were less likely to have a Caesarean, or forceps delivery, even if they had to later transfer to hospital.
    • Here we review the role of forceps delivery in modern obstetric practice.
    • If instruments are needed for the delivery, a vacuum extractor is less likely to lead to an episiotomy than are forceps.
    • The research also called for better obstetric standards when using forceps and vacuums during deliveries.
    • The greatest change was associated with forceps delivery.
    • The rate of forceps delivery was 12 percent with epidural compared with 3 percent with intravenous meperidine.
    • Assisted vaginal delivery comprised both forceps deliveries and vacuum extraction.
    • It is mandatory to avoid excessive traction on the foetal head during a forceps delivery;
    • A doctor told the court she did not want to waste time and had planned to carry out a Caesarean if the forceps delivery did not work.
    • I went with him to his clinic and there found on the operating table a lady whom they had tried, unsuccessfully, to deliver with forceps without anaesthesia.
    • Also, I didn't want to come out, and was delivered with the aid of a pair of forceps.
    • When she was born, weighing 4lbs 9oz, she had a mark on her forehead but Katherine was told that it was due to the forceps used during the birth and told not to worry.
    • In addition, forceps delivery was not the preferred method of many male surgeons or men-midwives in eighteenth-century Britain.
    • When he was born, the doctor used a pair of forceps to remove him from his mother.
    • Births are routinely induced and some would say that Caesareans or forceps delivery are unnecessarily common.
    • When the doctor comes he tells him that there are two options: a forceps birth or Caesarian.
    • Episiotomy was invented to facilitate forceps deliveries and has continued mainly out of habit not necessity.
    • The baby may have a mark on either side of his head, or even bruising, where the forceps have been.
    • Yet, the comparative rate of intracranial hemorrhage is not statistically different when vacuum extraction, forceps delivery and cesarean section during labor are compared.