Translation of forebear in Spanish:


antepasado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔːbɛː//ˈfɔrbɛr/



  • 1

    antepasado masculine
    antepasada feminine
    • But their forebears were, generations ago, driven from this area by European settlers.
    • We must erect a national monument to our forebears who lived and died in U.S. slavery.
    • Many of his forebears had colonial ties and his father spent his career in India.
    • No longer do young people absorb information about their forebears from grandparents.
    • But a congregation of Christian believers are not able to use it and love it as the holy space that it was for generations of their forebears.
    • We think our readers will be surprised and encouraged to discover that the forebear of fundamentalism was a true Baptist guided by historic convictions.
    • In this, they are deploying a weapon their forebears did not have.
    • Your personality, life course and career will have no necessary relation to that of your forebear.
    • A small estate winery, located west of St. Catharines on 80 acres of land first deeded to family forebear in 1794.
    • I'm sorry, your forebears must have lived in a parallel universe to mine. Is this the Victorian age of the Little Match Girl?
    • They lived among a large majority of black people, whose forebears they had exploited and abused.
    • My forebear was, according to the family account, very depressed when his teeth started falling out when he was in late middle age.
    • Gilbert and George were the forebears of an artistic generation that holds everything to be ironic.
    • It does not really take very much time over a family lunch to begin to enquire about one's forebears.
    • One cannot hope to rise or succeed in the world unless one's forebears had the requisite abilities.
    • Present generations need to know about their forebears, he said.
    • I know by my family history that a forebear of mine turned on the gods of Mother India and professed faith to the One True God.
    • What the Council might have said more explicitly is that their forebears are also our forebears.
    • As a child, I heard the stories from my father about our notable forebear, an honest man who was saved from a massacre, the sole survivor.
    • These tales are filled with the blood and tears of my forebears.