Translation of foreclose in Spanish:


ejecutar, v.

Pronunciation /fɔrˈkloʊz//fɔːˈkləʊz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (loan/mortgage) ejecutar
    • Finally, the right to foreclose the mortgage - a right inherent in all mortgages - is available to the bank.
    • You're going to see those things, with the mortgages being foreclosed, on the people who no longer have any income, whose stock options are worthless and whose salaries have just vanished, and whose companies have just gone.
    • Brooksville, Florida proposes to foreclose homes and seize cars over less than $20 in parking tickets.
    • It then directed that the liens on the property be foreclosed and the property sold with the proceeds of the sale to go to the mortgage holders and the U.S. government to satisfy part of the tax assessment.
    • The lender is faced with the prospect of foreclosing the mortgaged real estate and foreclosing the hard assets and accounts receivable collateral through a remedy known as replevin.
    • First, this argument ignores that default rates and foreclosure rates are far from the same, and it is only when loans are foreclosed that their default status becomes visible in data.
    • Soon after she died, in 1886, the property was foreclosed.
    • This is not a case where the mortgagee is attempting to foreclose or sell the property but seeks merely to be in possession for the purpose of collecting the rents and applying them to the amounts due under the mortgage.
    • If the lender forecloses the deed of trust out of court, the lender has chosen one action and may not bring a lawsuit to recover a deficiency, which would be a second action.

intransitive verb

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    ejecutar la hipoteca
    to foreclose on sth ejecutar algo