Translation of foreground in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔrˌɡraʊnd//ˈfɔːɡraʊnd/


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    the foreground el primer plano
    • One cannot but admire the daring juxtaposition of an intimate close-up scene in the foreground with the distant view of boats on the shallow waters of the lagoon.
    • Perhaps the most intriguing question of all, though, regards the significance of the baby, which lies asleep, or quite possibly dead, swaddled so expertly in the foreground of the picture.
    • Although the central character is the man running in the foreground, the picture isn't really about him at all.
    • In the foreground of the first photograph are Murray, his two sons and his best man, the huge luxury boat occupying most of the background belongs to Roman Abramovic, a man who has bought his football success.
    • Mr Daley says the fact that one of the characters in the foreground of the picture is looking through a telescope towards the far right of the picture is evidence that Turner included a second boat in his original.
    • The limitations of the Geraldton Harbour are demonstrated by the vessel in the foreground of this picture.
    • What the programme did for me was bring a load of things I knew but didn't want to think about right up into the foreground of the picture.
    • Do you need the kids on the sandbar in the foreground to make the picture?
    • In the foreground of this picture is a cowboy galloping hell-bent for election to head off the stampede.
    • The artist here sits in the foreground of the picture, his troubled head, larger than life and encircled in red, rises amid shrouded tables, which have the aura of coffins.
    • He places it in the foreground of the picture, lapping with its little pink tongue at the deep red blood which trickles down the torso of the tortured satyr.
    • In the foreground of the Minneapolis picture Titian, Michelangelo, Clovio and Raphael turn away from the scene to look at something Clovio is pointing out in the distance.
    • And that is the casino in the foreground of this photograph?
    • At the bottom of the picture, in the foreground, her left hand cradles a palette.
    • Depth of Field is merely the area between the foreground and the background in any photograph which has acceptable ‘sharpness’.
    • The pronounced distortions of the cobbled street and the seller of musical instruments in the foreground of this picture have provoked critics into a series of conjectures about how it was painted and originally displayed.
    • Every inch of the canvas is worked to its ultimate conclusion, with the foreground and background given the same intensity of observation and attention.
    • This removes the foreground from view and treats the landscape as a panoramic vista rather than a visual extension of the interior space.
    • The cyclist in the foreground of the photograph is a few yards into Hertfordshire, whereas the bridge, tunnel, cattle grid and green fields beyond are all part of Greater London.
    • In the immediate foreground of the picture and in sharp focus is a single memorial candle.