Translation of foreign body in Spanish:

foreign body

cuerpo extraño, n.


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    cuerpo extraño masculine
    • They're simply there to stop foreign bodies going into the lungs.
    • An ultra-sound scan revealed the presence of a foreign body in her thigh muscle.
    • The foreign body that it cannot effectively assimilate is European modernity.
    • It is the foreign body that puts the body to work.
    • They are treated as foreign bodies that have to be extirpated from the body Hispanic.
    • Remember, your animal suffering a gastrointestinal foreign body does not constitute a lack of parenting or care.
    • Come on, Bryan - you must have a foreign body stuck in your pipeline!
    • The drawing action of castor oil is also very useful for removing splinters or other foreign bodies from the eye, allowing the offending bodies to be removed along natural channels.
    • The cause of the accident was a foreign body which got jammed between the brake caliper and the inside of a wheel rim and machined a groove into the rim which caused an immediate failure.
    • This could mean the end of the rejection problem - when the body rejects a foreign body after transplantation.
    • The foreign body was removed through another surgery.
    • A general anaesthetic can interfere with the body's natural cough reflex, which normally helps prevent foreign bodies entering the breathing system.
    • Nature has provided glands that produce wax to keep foreign bodies like insects from entering the ear.
    • The body encounters myriad foreign bodies via the mucus lining of air passages.
    • If there is a superficial foreign body inside the eye as a result of a glass/iron bit getting lodged in the eye, it needs to be removed as soon as possible.
    • The first was to repair the eye immediately after the injury and the second was to remove the foreign body and re-attach the retina.
    • The DNA then starts making proteins that are recognised by the body as foreign bodies and attacked.
    • That is, in spite of the importance of English to international relations, it remains a foreign body, and one that exists in school at the expense of other subjects.
    • Eye injuries may be caused by irritants such as sand, dirt, or other foreign bodies on the eye's surface.
    • A foreign body stuck in a pipe covers most situations.