Translation of foreign exchange in Spanish:

foreign exchange

divisas, n.


  • 1

    divisas feminine
    before noun foreign exchange dealer / broker agente de cambio masculine
    • foreign exchange market mercado de divisas
    • foreign exchange reserves reservas de divisas
    • He said there was no doubt that the demand for foreign exchange has increased significantly over last couple of years.
    • But the PM did not yield so soon on his other question about foreign exchange.
    • JFX further planned to expand futures trading to foreign exchange, interest rates and government bonds.
    • A spike in deposits from a country short of foreign exchange may signal high-level corruption.
    • The administration has lowered the standard for local enterprises to set up settlement accounts for foreign exchange.
    • These industries are earners of foreign exchange and, even more importantly, they are generators of employment.
    • The workers have become a major source of foreign exchange and contribute an average of Rp 23 billion per year to the economy.
    • We believed within a decade, tourism would replace mining and agriculture as Zimbabwe's number one earner of foreign exchange.
    • This brings a reasonable amount of foreign exchange into their country.
    • Dumping refers to countries selling products at less than the cost of production in order to generate foreign exchange.
    • By increasing exports on the other hand, the Zambian economy will increase the inflow of foreign exchange into the country.
    • No developing country in the WTO is self-sufficient enough to survive without foreign exchange.
    • This is because, as with fuel, more than 70 percent of power production costs are specified in foreign exchange.
    • If it were to expropriate their property, it would have to compensate them with scarce and precious foreign exchange.
    • This factor is contributing to the increasing demand for foreign exchange.
    • We will decrease youth unemployment and establish a means of gaining significant foreign exchange with one enterprise.
    • Initially the area was known for illegal deals in foreign exchange.
    • The euro has made the management of foreign exchange much easier in the case of exporters and importers to and from the eurozone.
    • We have all lived through years of extreme shortage of foreign exchange.
    • Of the six largest forms of international trade, only three are legal: the speculation in foreign exchange, the sale of oil and of coffee.