Translation of foreigner in Spanish:


extranjero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɒrɪnə//ˈfɔrənər/


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    extranjero masculine
    extranjera feminine
    • Few foreigners are badly hurt during the kidnappings and ransom fees are usually paid to secure their release.
    • This right wing party is attacking foreigners and foreign cultures.
    • This foreigner was born in Japan, as were his parents.
    • At midday Wednesday, buses brought some 90 Ukrainians from Gaza into Israel, and more foreigners were expected to enter later in the day, military spokesman Shadi Yassin said.
    • How many European elections are contested by foreigners with foreign accents?
    • It is those foreigners sent here by foreign companies that receive high salaries for working in Shanghai.
    • I will forever be a foreigner, of course, gaijin, a dog who walks on hind legs, and that's fine by me - it's not my culture.
    • Like the French crowds of 1792, they turned their wrath against foreigners and foreign words.
    • They hate foreigners because Americans are foreigners, fugitives from the old order.
    • Looking around this country through the eyes of a gaijin - a foreigner - things are just different.
    • The only locals here have been brought by foreigners, and foreigners would only bring a local for one reason.
    • But the number of attacks and harassment against foreigners in Ukraine in the last few months make it necessary to investigate the motives of this murder carefully, including racist motivations.
    • The name of a child born to a foreigner in Bulgaria will be determined according to the parents' decision.
    • Immigrants may mean refugees, migrants, remigrants and other foreigners and, in some cases, asylum seekers as well.
    • Not that I don't think it's a good idea - hell, if it had been my misfortune to be born a foreigner, I might do the same - but I wonder what put it in their heads to do it now.
    • In Japan it seems, once a foreigner, eternally a foreigner.
    • These pages provide information for employers hiring foreigners and foreigners coming to work in Finland or already living in Finland.
    • An important distinction is that between foreigners passing through and metics settled in the polis.
    • Exchange permits may, furthermore, be issued to foreigners not older than 25 years of age, who wish to participate in cultural, economic or social exchange programmes, administered by an organ of State or a public higher educational institution in conjunction with an organ of a foreign state.
    • This sounds unlikely coming from a farang - the Thai term for a foreigner - but the trader doesn't hesitate.