Translation of foreman in Spanish:


capataz, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrmən//ˈfɔːmən/

nounPlural foremen

  • 1

    capataz masculine
    • More often, workers and union committeemen verbally abused or threatened their foremen and supervisors.
    • Ideally your foreman or job supervisors should conduct your toolbox talks.
    • She's got a lot of hard workers and a foreman that makes sure things run smoothly for her when she's not there.
    • This was a man who had been a foreman in the sewage industry and was responsible for the sewage system we now have in Dromintee.
    • For management officials and industrial arbitrators, male aggression towards foremen and supervisors was far more serious than such behavior toward fellow workers.
    • He worked the floor, chatting up assembly workers, drilling foremen, all to get that extra fact that would edge the company forward.
    • In the past, a foreman or supervisor would keep watch over staff to ensure production in the factory was maintained.
    • As far as I know, one foreman and two other workers have made these charges.
    • One superintendent, one supervisor, one foreman and eight hourly employees were terminated.
    • The phrase ‘too many chefs spoil the broth’ may apply to 20-man committees or a glut of foremen and not enough workers, but rarely does actually apply to chefs.
    • One week the men were shorthanded, so one of them who knew me to be a hard worker asked the foreman to send me over.
    • They were never the foreman, never the worker, always the guy that ordered stuff or coordinated stuff.
    • She believed he had not received sufficient supervision because the foreman had two trainees to look out for.
    • He has worked on the farm for 13 years and is now an assistant foreman who supervises crews that tend the vines.
    • Only the job foreman or supervisor need to be knowledgeable and experienced.
    • Owners, project managers, foremen, and supervisors all go through an eight-hour training program.
    • Where once there were tiers of foremen, supervisors and department heads, Semler introduced a much smaller number of ‘co-ordinators’.
    • Like women, the second-generation American-born men had moved slightly up the employment ladder to work as skilled and semi-skilled workers, foremen, or clerical workers.
    • A caste system resting on soldiers, noncommissioned officers, and officers mirrored a civilian stratification of workers, foremen, and managers.
    • About 500,000 Germans were drafted into the organization controlling foreign workers, from camp managers to foremen in charge of foreigners in a factory.
  • 2

    (of jury)
    presidente del jurado masculine
    • As the verdicts were read by the jury foreman some of the defendants smiled, smirked and even giggled.
    • After filling in the verdict, the jury foreman would then sign the issue paper on behalf of all the jurors.
    • When they appeared in the jury box, the foreman handed the judge a note.
    • It was the foreman speaking on behalf of the jury, as I understand it, your Honour.
    • A short retirement can reflect the compelling nature of the evidence, or equally the skill of the foreman in handling the jury's discussions.