Translation of forest in Spanish:


bosque, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɒrɪst//ˈfɔrəst/


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    (wood) bosque masculine
    (tropical) selva feminine
    (before noun) forestal
    the Amazon forest la selva amazónica
    • a forest of chimneys una profusión de chimeneas
    • The First half was made mostly of a dense forest, trees covering any view of the bottom.
    • Conservation areas and protected forests now cover about 54 million hectares, according to government data.
    • Decades ago, these slopes were covered with forests, and the trees' root systems tied the soil to the hillsides.
    • Your state forests are managed under the policy of multiple use in order to obtain benefits from recreation, timber production and watershed protection.
    • Both ranges are soft from age but covered in brushy pine forests, knobby granite crags, and hiking and biking trails.
    • The mountain is covered mainly by sub-tropical virgin forests of evergreen broadleaf trees.
    • Everything from towering palm trees to pine forests inhabited the island's varied ecosystems.
    • Mixed forest also covers large areas of the island, but with a varied species composition.
    • The northern coniferous forest, or taiga, is filled with evergreens such as pine, fir, and spruce.
    • North American brown bears prefer open areas interspersed with forests for sheltering cover while resting.
    • That explains why deciduous forest means a forest in which the leaves fall off the trees when the winter comes.
    • The area covered by tropical forests is disappearing at the rate of four Switzerlands every year.
    • The forests in New Hampshire covered 50 percent of the state in 1850 and cover 87 percent today.
    • As two thirds of Finland is covered by forests, it is hardly surprising that timber is the national building material.
    • For three hours we snaked our way through soaring mountains covered in pine forests.
    • Three-quarters of the land is covered with forests and woodland, and much of the land is cultivated with rice paddies.
    • Its forest covers an area half the size of Wales and supports a healthy population of wolves, moose and bears.
    • Canada's forests cover an area nearly three times the size of Europe.
    • By contrast, the floor of pine forests was covered thinly by needles, and had much less absorptive capacity.
    • The mountain was mostly covered of a pine tree forest, and was the home of many species of birds.