Translation of foreword in Spanish:


prólogo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrˌwərd//ˈfɔːwəːd/


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    prólogo masculine
    • The translations are good, with their literary qualities in tact; forewords and afterwords have fulfilled the scholarly mission.
    • He describes his personal experiences with the band in the foreword to this book.
    • In the foreword to his latest book, the Brazilian author apologises to his readers.
    • In 1995, he republished these forewords in a collection together, with a further foreword for them titled ‘Four Forewords’.
    • As I recount in the foreword of the book, Jack never much liked handling other folks' characters.
    • Maps, the foreword and introduction precede a glossary with notes and information about the translation form.
    • Again and again writers have explained themselves in a variety of ways: forewords, afterwords, essays, interviews, journal entries, not to mention stories or poems that rework old themes.
    • Perhaps he is one author who does not make anyone else write the foreword of his books.
    • As the foreword of this book points out, it's only a stepping stone for aspiring kernel developers.
    • And he wrote the foreword to your book, mentioning that John really let him down.
    • He'd found it as the foreword to a science-fiction book that hadn't been about much really.
    • This highly praised study was first published last year and in this edition the author has updated the text and written a new foreword and epilogue.
    • The book's 246 pages are divided into two forewords, a preface, eight chapters, and seven appendixes.
    • It covers ten areas, besides a brief foreword and a crisp introduction.
    • I didn't write it, although I submitted a foreword that the authors decided not to use.
    • Each volume contains a short biographical introduction whilst the first two have forewords.
    • In the past few years he has opened eleven Offices of Tibet, everywhere from Canberra to Moscow and last year alone provided prefaces and forewords for roughly thirty books.
    • The foreword to the book has been written by Paul Durcan, poet of international acclaim.
    • And my son said, Dad, I don't read forewords or prefaces.
    • In a foreword to the book, his wife Marian recalls how Michael was always fascinated by legend and the faerie world.